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  • Printed Booklets: How to Successfully Market Your Business

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    How can printed booklets help market your business? Successful marketing strategies for businesses usually include everything from leveraging the power of social media to sending out digital media content to integrating many varieties of print materials. Through the years, one print marketing product that has stood the test of time is printed booklets.

    Convenient, targeted and inexpensive, printed booklets are an advertising gem that is often overlooked. But companies can put these marketing miracles to use in a handful of ways that can help boost business, create new customers, and bring in revenue as a versatile addition to any size business’s marketing plan.

    What Are Printed Booklets?

    Many times the terms brochure and booklet are used interchangeably, but the truth is that they are actually different in form and in their potential as a marketing tool.

    • A brochure is a single-sheet printed product that may also be called a flyer. Brochures are easy to hand out, mail and leave behind with clients or customers due to their inexpensive nature. They are typically created with eye-catching graphics and minimal text content.
    • Booklets are multiple-page products that are bound using heavy-duty staples, also called Saddle Stitch binding. Printed booklets can function like small books, just like their namesake, including a large amount of information, graphics, or even photos. They can also be created with just a few pages of content, making printed booklets a very flexible marketing tool.

    Marketing with Printed Booklets

    Because the size and length of printed booklets are flexible, they are convenient tools that can be dressed up or down for different marketing purposes.

    Activity Booklets

    Plenty of businesses offer products or services that appeal to families, so businesses that use activity booklets as part of their marketing strategies can take advantage of a unique opportunity. When a family comes to a car dealership to discuss a new purchase, visits a furniture store in search of a new couch, or stops by a clothing store to pick up a few new items, often children are in tow.

    Businesses can create printed booklets with child-friendly activities inside that serve a dual purpose. First, along with a packet of inexpensive crayons or markers, an activity booklet with games, pictures to color, or puzzles to complete is a welcome distraction for parents wanting to make a purchase or browse merchandise.

    But companies can integrate their own content into an activity booklet by turning their logo or branding into part of the coloring pages or using their slogan, services, or products in games or kid-friendly activities. Even if the activity booklet is not used right away, printed booklets may be pulled out of a purse or pocket later to entertain little ones, extending the marketing reach and fostering positive connections to a business at the same time.

    Business Overview

    Printed booklets can be used to succinctly present a snapshot of your business to potential customers. Companies can use this small marketing tool to provide evergreen statistics about the company, inform customers about their origin story, and offer founder or leadership bios all in one location.

    They also give businesses a place to focus attention on their philosophy, business model, or other key information that will demonstrate what is important to the company. This indirect marketing strategy soft sells the business rather than the service it provides and is an excellent option for companies seeking opportunities to build trust with potential customers.

    Magazine-Style Content

    Printed booklets are the perfect location to present a business in the context of a magazine. A glossy cover, crisp photographs, brief articles, and spotlight stories on the company all come together into a mini-magazine perfect for gifting to potential clients, slipping into giveaway bags, or handing out along with sales to build brand awareness and excitement around new product launches.


    Printed booklets can be transformed into targeted how-to manuals that pair with products or services. These printed booklets can be used to explain, show, or provide extra information to customers. Since they are relatively inexpensive to create, it is easy for a company to update or change a booklet’s contents when new products or services are launched.

    Mini Catalog

    One of the best marketing tools a business can develop is a suite of targeted catalogs. Using printed booklets as mini catalogs can help businesses market seasonal, new, sale, or other categories of products or services in a smaller setting without the expense of creating a whole new catalog.

    These mini catalogs are easy to create using photos or graphics already developed, lowering the impact on marketing budgets. Businesses can use these printed booklets anywhere a catalog would drive sales, and creating some with evergreen content extends their market impact over a longer time frame.

    Photo Messaging

    A gorgeous set of photographs might provide the perfect platform to market your brand to consumers. Developing printed booklets containing lifestyle photos or pictures of products with minimal text content can be marketing gold for many industries. Created with a smaller budget impact and developed into a size that slips into a pocket or gift bag easily, printed booklets focused on photo messaging can be the perfect choice for many industries.

    Quick Facts

    One of the easiest ways to create targeted marketing materials is to print marketing booklets that focus on answering one question or solving one problem. FAQ booklets can be designed to answer the most critical questions surrounding a business’s functions, acting as a quick reference for customers or as an introduction to a new company or to a new product or service in the industry.

    Other businesses might develop a handful of printed booklets, each directly targeting a market segment and the questions, problems, or solutions they need. Businesses can keep these booklets on hand to aid in the sales cycle, ready to pull out when questions or specific situations arise.

    Creating Effective Printed Booklets

    Developing a printed booklet or a coordinating set of booklets for your company doesn’t have to be complicated. A few basic ideas can help you get started creating one that your business can use to market and promote your products or services or even just increase brand awareness.

    1 Decide on how you want to use your booklet. The chosen purpose determines the style, format, and content of the booklet you design.

    2 Think short and sweet. The strength of a booklet is its targeted content, so don’t try to do too much in one marketing booklet. Breaking up separate topics into different booklets allows businesses to make targeted marketing tools that can be used to meet unique challenges, answer specific questions, or provide needed information for different scenarios.

    3 Mix text with impactful graphics or pictures. The strength of a booklet is it offers plenty of space for meaningful information, so don’t skimp on including text unless the focus of the marketing booklet is primarily photographic.

    4 Review the booklet’s contents before sending it off to the printer to make sure its purpose is clear. Readers should understand the focus of the booklet at a glance with a well-designed cover.

    5 Don’t hide the company connection. The company name, address, phone numbers, QR codes linked to the company website, and brand colors should all be prominently displayed on the front or back cover, making it easy for customers to reach you or find out more information.

    What Makes Printed Booklets So Appealing?

    There’s no doubt that both digital and print marketing products influence and impact potential customers, but printed products like booklets have been used successfully in marketing campaigns for decades. Booklet printing is a popular choice for many businesses.

    • They are simple to design, and most businesses can handle their creation internally.
    • Booklets are relatively inexpensive to print, making them budget-friendly for companies of all sizes.
    • The convenient size of printed booklets makes them easy to carry, mail, and hand out.
    • Printed booklets make it simple for businesses to target their marketing efforts.

    Get Started Printing Booklets

    Businesses that are looking for an impactful boost to their marketing strategy can partner with Dazzle Printing to create a great-looking booklet in a matter of days.


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