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  • Printed Coupon Booklets: An Outstanding Way to Build Customer Loyalty

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    Interested in printed coupon booklets? Customer reward programs are a terrific way to build loyalty to your store, brand, or product. Although customer reward programs have gone digital, many customers still enjoy using paper coupons and printed coupon booklets. These customers welcome printed reward coupons that allow them to save money and get access to exclusive deals.

    Benefits of Printed Coupon Booklets

    If you go to your local pharmacy or grocery store, you’re used to seeing customers with loyalty programs. You may even use one yourself. These programs often feature exclusive “card member” savings on certain items, and many allow customers to attach a digital coupon to their cards. What you may also notice is many people printing off coupons attached to their card or approaching the cash register with a handful of printed coupons. Why are printed coupon booklets still popular?

    Printed coupon booklets encourage brand switching

    Surveys have found that most customers are willing to try something new, even switching to a new brand or company, if they’re given the chance to save money. Everyone likes saving money, and a good offer can overcome a buyer’s earlier unwillingness to try something new. That’s why people will often buy things they don’t necessarily need just because those items are on the clearance rack.

    The same is true of professional services. If you want customers to stretch and try something new, make it appealing with a discount. Holding printed coupon booklets is like a tangible invitation to try something new, even if you previously resisted trying it.

    Printed coupon booklets offer perceived value

    Customers enjoy seeing products with markdowns and clearance prices on the shelves. The sense of perceived value makes them eager to save money buying these products. Surveys have found that 30% of customers spend more money in stores where they see clearly marked price cuts or get exclusive deals.

    Using printed coupon booklets has the same effect. Customers with printed coupon booklets feel like they’re getting even more value because they get savings on items that other shoppers don’t. Using printed coupon booklets gives them an “insider special” that makes it easy to save money.

    Using printed coupons booklets is fun

    Like printed books—which far outweigh digital books in popularity—printed coupon booklets offer tangible benefits. They are proof that you’re saving money. Blogs and websites offer thousands of articles on using coupons, couponing for beginners, and where to find the best coupons. People enjoy leafing through their shopping guides finding them, cutting them, and organizing them. Television shows like Extreme Couponing highlight this obsessive love of coupon cutting and saving money.

    In fact, surveys have found that using coupons made customers feel happier and less stressed out when shopping. These customers also see themselves as smarter than other shoppers. This translates to increased sales because happy shoppers associate their good feelings with your store or company.

    Printed coupon booklets are easy to use

    Some customers don’t want to use digital loyalty programs. They object to handing over their personal information, and they’re so opposed to the idea that they’ll even give up discounts to preserve their privacy. For those people, printed coupon booklets are an ideal solution. They can use printed coupon booklets without fear of giving up their personal data.

    For others, the process of signing up can be difficult. They may not have access to a computer, or they don’t want to use a phone app. Others may have physical or intellectual limitations that prevent them from easily using digital cards. These people may want the rewards and discounts, but they don’t have the technical knowledge to sign up. Printed coupon booklets solve their problem with easy-to-use coupons that fit their needs.

    They build brand loyalty

    Printed coupon booklets make a great reward for loyal customers. Many stores routinely mail printed coupon booklets to people enrolled in their rewards programs. These coupons make the customers feel appreciated, and they lead to almost instant sales because people want to use the coupons before they expire. Others offer printed coupon booklets for sale at a low price, knowing that customers will buy them if they feel the value of the coupons outweigh the price.

    Customers enjoy getting these because everyone likes to be appreciated. Sometimes, nonprofits and social organizations sell printed coupon booklets to raise money for a cause. These are also attractive to customers who can get good deals while supporting local charity efforts.

    Use Printed Coupon Booklets to Retain Loyal Customers

    As any business owner knows, keeping current customers is easier and more cost-effective than trying to get a lot of new ones. Printed coupon booklets can help you keep your customers happy.

    Keep customers going to your store: A loyalty program will keep customers returning to your store because they know they’re getting good deals. They also want to add points or other rewards to their loyalty card, and shopping at your business is the only way to earn those points.

    Stand out from the competition: With every store offering similar programs, it’s important to offer savings so good that your program—and your company—remain the customer’s top choice. Many people will wait to buy everything they need from the store offering the best deals. There is a lot of competition for loyalty, especially with today’s soaring prices, and offering customers incentives will help you stand out.

    Customer referrals: People who enjoy loyalty programs are vocal about their favorites. They will tell their friends and family members, “You have to sign up for this!” Increasing referrals means gaining new customers who want to get in on all the good deals. Referrals are free, and they’re a wonderful way to build your business without spending hugely on advertising.

    More sales: Although people use coupons and sales to save money, studies find that they actually spend more when they use these incentives. While those coupons may mean a little less money in profit for each item, the payoff in higher sales and more customers is worth the investment.

    Better customer experience: Every business rises and falls on how customers feel when they interact with it. Many companies have slashed customer service to save money. Others have focused their efforts on getting new customers, leaving older customers in the dust. How do you respond to this challenge? A loyalty program based on printed coupon booklets is the answer. It makes people feel good when they get rewards that others don’t.

    Make customers feel appreciated: Customers want to know that their loyalty counts. It makes them feel valued. Getting rewarded by saving money makes customers feel that a business really does care about them. Any chance you have to improve customer experience is valuable.

    The good news is that you can reach all these goals with printed coupon booklets that customers will be happy to receive.

    Get Started: Design and Print Custom Coupon Books

    Choose your discounts

    What discounts will most appeal to your customers? Here are some typical coupon offerings most people appreciate:

    • Free shipping on orders over $25 or $50
    • BOGO (buy one, get one free or buy one, get one ½ off)
    • $20 for all sales over $60
    • $100 for all projects or jobs over $500
    • Double coupon days
    • Straight discount of 10% to 50% off the entire purchase

    When putting together your coupon book, include a good mix. Offer coupons for the most popular items or services you sell, but include some for less-popular offerings that you’d like customers to try.

    Include a tracking number

    A tracking number is key to knowing how well your printed coupon booklets are working. If you add a tracking number to each coupon, it will help you learn which promotion was the most successful. You can track coupon codes by using a coupon redemption tracking tool.

    Figure out how you’ll get your coupon booklets to customers

    There are many ways to get printed coupon booklets to your customers. The most efficient way is sending one to each person on your mailing list. You can also hand them out personally to your most loyal clients.

    Use a template

    Make it easy on yourself by using a customizable template that does most of the design and formatting work for you. You can find coupon and coupon book templates at:

    • Canva
    • TemplateLab
    • Template.net
    • MaplePlanners
    • Microsoft Word
    • Etsy
    • VistaCreate

    Use these templates to create an attractive coupon book your customers will appreciate and enjoy using.

    Get professional printing

    Professional printing makes all the difference. When your printed coupon booklet is ready, contact Dazzle Printing for affordable, expert printing designed to make you look your best.


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