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  • Printing Emergencies: Dazzling Service with Dazzle Printing

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    It’s happened to every print customer. You get an urgent phone call or email in the middle of the night telling you that the print job you just sent off needs a major change. Or that the printing job is needed a week earlier than planned. Those are classic printing emergencies, but with our help, you’ll solve it without too much stress.

    How We Handle Printing Emergencies

    As a full-service printing company, we get a fair share of customers who have printing emergencies. These cover a wide range of situations. Sometimes, a customer has been working until the wee hours and missed a printing deadline. Sometimes, they discover that they need a sudden address change or count change.

    We pride ourselves on always delivering top-notch customer service, and that also goes for printing emergencies. Here’s how you can count on us to solve your problems with the urgency you deserve.

    Address Changes

    More than once, we’ve had a customer inform us that a shipping address has changed on very short notice. There are many reasons this happens. Maybe there was a printing emergency at the office or warehouse, maybe you had outdated information, or maybe there is nobody to pick the prints up at the original address.

    This problem is easy to fix by calling your printing representative. If your shipment is on its way, we will contact the shipper to arrange an address change, if possible.

    If it’s too late to make the change, you have the option of ordering a new set of prints to be rush delivered to the new address. We will make sure your printed materials get to the right destination.

    Printing Emergencies — You Need More Copies

    Did you undercount the number of copies you needed? You may have been given the wrong number, or maybe you just found out that you’re going to need the same printed materials at two meetings on the same day instead of one.

    Don’t panic. With one call to your printing representative, you can order more copies. We jump into action with rush printing and overnight shipping. Are you already at your convention hall or training center?

    That’s not a problem. Just tell us where to deliver your prints, and we will make sure they get there.

    Printing Emergencies — Found a Typo

    We always recommend looking at a final printing proof before giving us the go-ahead to print. If you spot typos on the proof, let us know. We will make your corrections and let you see another proof before we print.

    You can submit changes at any time during the final proof stage. After that, it will be too late. You’ll have to make changes to the document before you print new copies.

    Last-Minute Printing Emergencies

    It happens. You start working on a big project, and you underestimate how long it’s going to take. By the time you finish, it’s the wee hours of the morning, and you need this project printed. There are no 24-hour print services near you, and you’re starting to get that sinking feeling.

    All hope is not lost. If you have to have it printed right now, contact Dazzle Printing. We deal with printing emergencies all the time, so we can have your project bound, printed, and on its way to you by the next day. If you need books, brochures, booklets, or programs, we will get them done.

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    Fixing Printing Emergencies Is Easier Now

    Modern technology has made printing emergencies less common and much easier to fix.

    In the past, traditional printing methods required dealing with numerous proofs, preparing pages and photos, laying out the prepress papers by hand, manual checks, and more.

    Because of this extensive preparation, you had to have your brochure, catalog, magazine, or booklet to the printer way ahead of your deadline.

    It could take weeks to go from the final layout to a printed document. When printing time-sensitive print runs like newsletters and magazines, a 60-day deadline was routine. If you had to make changes, the process was slow and cumbersome.

    Technology to the Rescue for Printing Emergencies

    That has all changed. Modern prepress technology and faster, more innovative printing machinery now work together to make the process incredibly fast. You can upload artwork instantly, view your initial proofs online, and conduct a lot of the printing process from your computer.

    At Dazzle Printing, we rely on this fast new technology, but we also rely on our advanced printing skills. We have been in the business for decades, and we’ve worked with every type of customer, so we routinely handle printing emergencies.

    Our speed and expertise work for you whether you’re printing a small, black-and-white church bulletin, your first book, or an artistically designed, full-color look book. We bring the same urgency, personal care, and quality work to every job.

    We’re Available for Rush Jobs

    Today, we can send information back and forth in hours. Rush printing and rush digital prepress make it easy to deal with printing emergencies.

    You can pick up the phone any time and call your printing representative. We can handle every aspect of your job, and we can do it at top speed.

    We Offer Affordable Rates

    Many printing companies charge exorbitant rates for rush printing and shipping. While we must add a surcharge for this, we don’t view your printing emergencies as reasons to gouge you. We offer affordable rates on all our services, including rush and overnight services.

    How to Avoid Printing Emergencies

    Part of our full-service approach is making sure our customers know how to avoid the biggest print disasters. Here are some steps you can take to steer clear of problems.

    Double-Check Your Design

    Online, digital design is fast and convenient, but it can be misleading. Some designs look quite different once they’re printed. Consider these elements of your design that may look good on the screen but not in print.

    Color: Are you using a CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta, K) color profile? That’s the color profile used by professional printers and should be used to submit your print files. Most online design systems use an RGB (red, green, blue) color profile.

    The two don’t mix. Using the wrong color profile will create muddy colors, especially when you print with black ink.

    Binding style: Your choice of binding may cut your text or images in unwanted places. Make sure you have factored in margins, white spaces, bleeds, and folds when you look at a proof of the final product.

    Font size: Your text may look great onscreen, but it’s easy to choose a font that won’t work in print. The text may be too large or small for the size of paper you’re using. Will the text be readable at the new size? Double check with a test run.

    Avoid Typos and Other Errors

    Most organizations send their marketing materials through several rounds of editing and proofreading. When you’re up against a tight deadline, you might be tempted to skip these steps. That can result in last-minute printing emergencies when you find mistakes.

    If you’re pressed for time, consider hiring a professional proofreader to review your copy. It may cost extra, but it will save time and effort. You can reduce your stress by outsourcing this part of the process.

    Talk to Your Printing Representative

    If you have questions about the color, images, formatting, binding, or any aspect of your print project, your printing representative is available to help. You can call any time to get guidance on choosing the right binding style, paper, and more.

    Our Customers Count on Us for Printing Emergencies

    At Dazzle Printing, we have built solid relationships with our clients. They know they can count on us to respond quickly to their print needs, including emergencies. If you want a printer you can count on, contact us today.


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