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  • How Organizations Are Pulling in Money with Program Booklet Printing and Advertising

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    Are you trying to increase the revenue of your organization? You most likely are, because every organization, regardless of its field of work, is concerned with revenue and growing it. But, have you ever thought about making money with quality program booklet printing and advertising?

    If you have a for-profit organization, one of your major concerns is maximizing your profit and forwarding it to owners and shareholders. If you are running a nonprofit organization, you need to focus on ensuring revenue which will be greater than your costs. In both situations, you need to look for new sources of profit.

    However, these two types of organizations have different business goals. The major goal of nonprofits is to serve their public mission and ensure enough money to run it well. They have to find a balance between funding and mission, which sets them apart from for-profit organizations.

    Nonprofits focus their time and effort on getting funds without selling a product. They need to convince contributors that their mission has a value. They also have to demonstrate an ability to spend the money wisely in order to accomplish their mission.

    While for-profit organizations earn money from commissions on each sale, commission-based fundraising is considered unethical for nonprofits. Also, if a nonprofit organization has too much positive revenue, it may seem like it’s not focused enough on completing its mission.

    Therefore, program booklet printing and advertising can be an exceptionally good solution for nonprofits. They can make additional money while adding value to their basic goal. Organizing events related to their mission is a common activity for nonprofits. So, all they have to do is learn how to make more money with their program booklets.

    How to pull in money with program booklet printing and advertising?

    People have developed immunity to traditional advertising. Almost any effort to promote a product or a service where the customer need be persuaded into buying, can go to waste. So, companies and organizations are looking for creative ways to reach their target audience. Your organization can reap the benefits of this in two ways: you can advertise your organization in a program booklet, or let others advertise their organization in it.

    Using a program booklet to advertise your organization

    When you invite people to an event, those who accept the invitation are ready to learn more about you and your cause. All you have to do is make the story more attractive. The event itself has to be interesting, of course. But, it would be a shame not to use your print materials to add to the overall experience.

    Communicate your mission in the program booklet. Clearly state what your organization is all about. Explain why you need other people’s support. What is even more important – try to tell people why it’s good for them to join you in your mission. Make it personal. Touch people’s emotions and tackle their need for doing good deeds.

    Tell your story on the first page of the program booklet. Grab people’s interest right from the very beginning, before they get distracted by the rest of the content. Make it clear and simple for people to join your cause. Include all the relevant information about the procedure of becoming your partner or donor.

    Using a program booklet as ad space to make money

    Before your program booklet printing starts, think about organizations that may want to help with your event. Get in touch with them, ask them to join you, and make sure to give them good reasons to do it. It’s not that your mission itself isn’t important enough. But we’re talking about business, and your potential partners need to recognize a good business deal in your offer.

    Therefore, provide the opportunity for them to advertise their own organization in your program booklet printing project. Communicate their partnership in all printed materials. Offer to put their logo, slogan, ad, or short text in your booklet to promote their organization, products, services, or goals. You can also include vouchers and gift cards in the booklet for those who participate in your event.

    The number and the profile of the people who will get the program booklet printing project are relevant for your partners. Printing quality, shape, design, and materials are other crucial aspects of your booklet that you should include in your partnership offer.

    How to turn program booklet printing into a money-making project

    This one is simple – make your program booklet printing project a high-quality print issue. It will bring benefits to both your organization and the partnering organizations. If you produce a quality booklet, the participants in your event will want to keep it, and partners will want to be in it. Either way, you will get the attention you need to successfully complete your mission.

    Don’t try to save on program booklet printing and design. See it as an investment that can bring more money for your organization. Hire a good designer in case you don’t have one in your team. If you have a nonprofit organization, try to find a volunteer who has the experience, skills, and creativity to make your booklet shine.

    Customize the program booklet in terms of shape and size. Make sure it stands out. Let people know that it’s something special from the moment they see it. If you grab their attention with its visual appearance, they will be interested in diving into its content.

    To make this happen, look for a reliable partner to print your program booklet. Make sure that the printing company you choose has the proper equipment for your needs. Check the quality of print and paper it offers. Choose a company that will let you see its previous work before you make the deal.

    Ask for the opportunity to see the file before it goes to print. This way, you can check for any errors that might ruin your organization’s image and credibility. Check if the text and images are in the right place. Do not let your booklet go to print before checking it with your designer. You should at least compare it with the file you send for your program booklet printing project in the first place.

    Since most printing companies charge a special premium for small quantities, double check the price that they offer. You should look for a printing company for your program booklet printing project that prints in high quality, at a fair price, regardless of the number of copies you order. Make sure that you get the best quality for a reasonable price, and you’ve got yourself a money-making project!


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