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  • Catalog Marketing Strategy: Steps to Creating a Successful Strategy

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    A catalog marketing strategy is a sales technique which groups many items together in a printed document called a “catalog”, with the aim of generating direct sales. These catalogs are then handed out at the entrance of the stores or distributed via direct mail to a targeted audience. While a catalog marketing strategy used to be the cornerstone of most, if not all, retailers, the advancement of technology in the last two decades has led to many retailers dispensing with product catalogs.

    This, however, can prove to be a fatal mistake for your business, as research conducted by the U.S. Postal Service revealed that nearly three out of four Americans expressed more interest in a retailer’s products after seeing them in a product catalog. Therefore, it is highly advisable that your business come up with a successful catalog marketing strategy to generate more sales, and ultimately profit. Read on to find out how to do so. 

    Catalog Marketing StrategySetting a Goal

    Before coming up with a catalog, it is crucial to determine what you intend to achieve. Are you looking to increase your direct sales revenue, or wish to increase brand awareness? Knowing what you intend to achieve will make the process of designing and planning your catalog easier and straightforward.

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    Determining the Kind of Catalog

    After you set a goal, you will have to come up with the specific type of catalog for your catalog marketing strategy. If your goal is to raise brand awareness, then an informational catalog is what you should focus on. The aim of an informational catalog is to educate your customers about the latest goings-on in your business, such as the latest products and innovations.

    If your goal is to increase sales revenue, a promotional catalog would be the way to go. These catalogs feature a selection of heavily discounted items, which will attract consumers seeking to clinch a good deal.

    If you do not have a specific goal in mind, then you can go along with a full-line catalog, the most common type of catalog, which lists every product or service offered by your company.

    Creating Good Content

    It is not good enough to just list your products in the catalog, you must create good content to appeal to your consumers for a successful catalog marketing strategy. For instance, you can discuss more about how a specific product can improve the lives of your consumers, and how your product provides discernable advantages over a similar one offered by the competition.

    To fully understand a certain demographic, your company might consider investing in data analytics. By analyzing the available consumer data, you can understand the purchasing patterns of consumers, and tailor your message accordingly.

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