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  • Brochure Design: Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Brochure

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    Do you find that you pay attention to a certain brochure design more than others? Every brochure design is unique in its design and uses different methods to appeal to potential readers. Unfortunately, some businesses fall short of understanding the essential factors in making an effective brochure design.

    If you take a quick glance at the brochures that failed to capture your attention, you will most likely find that there are a few common factors. Read on to find out what is required when designing a brochure.


    The first thing every successful brochure design has in common is its ability to stand out from the competition. When it comes to brochure design, it is essential to have elements that grab the attention of readers.

    It is critical you understand that the person reading your brochure will have a short attention span, maybe less than a minute, and has not set aside any time to read your brochure thoroughly. As such, your brochure must not only attract readers but must also be entertaining enough to hook and entice them to want to find out more.

    One way you can do so is using interesting and unique headlines that capture readers’ attention immediately. Apart from that, you should also highlight what the reader stands to gain by working with you. For example, you may want to include a unique brochure code that gives readers discounts when they transact with you.

    Not only will this allow you to gain the attention of your customers, but it also makes it possible for measuring and tracking the success of the brochure. You may even break down the data of interested customers so that you can better identify the demographics of your target reader. This data analysis might reveal potential new markets for you or your company.

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    Regardless of how well you have executed the points above, there are several notable things in brochure designs that would almost immediately disinterest a reader. One such mistake to avoid is using too many words in your brochure.

    Readers don’t want to read a brochure that is filled with nothing but words. Remember, your potential reader will likely have a short attention span. Instead, summarize and focus on important details that you want the readers to remember. You may even want to bold certain keywords to help your audience identify what they should focus on when reading the brochure.

    Another mistake present in many brochures is the lack of engagement with readers. Avoid making the brochure content all about your business, but rather focus on the readers themselves.

    Address the issues that your readers potentially face and how they would stand to benefit from working with you.


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