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  • Tips for a Magazine Launch

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    So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start a new magazine. After months of rigorous planning around your content and distribution, and carefully completed magazine printing, it’s finally time to start thinking about how your magazine launch to an eager target market.

    Whether your magazine will be distributed to consumers at no cost to them or through paid subscription, you should have already gotten some ads lined up to help sponsor your magazine. Paid advertisements are crucial to a magazine’s survival, and they will also be crucial to your magazine launch. Throwing a magazine release party with the help of your sponsors is an excellent way to get your publication off the ground.

    Throwing a Magazine Launch Party

    Get in touch with your advertisers first to notify them of your upcoming magazine launch party. Invite them to sponsor your event with their products. If you have food or beverage companies advertising in your magazine, be sure to invite them to distribute food and drink at your new magazine launch.

    This will cut your expenses significantly and give your advertisers the attention they want. You’ll also make your party more memorable with free drinks and free hors d’oeuvre. Even if some of your sponsors don’t sell food and drinks, they can give away relevant merchandise, or pay a small fee to have a banner or other display at your event.

    Make sure the magazine launch party is fitting to the theme of your magazine. Your advertisers will surely help with this concept. For example, if your magazine is about adventure travel, you can have advertisers giving away free clothing, gear, or travel coupons. Decorate the venue accordingly.

    You’ll also want to hire a band or DJ that’s compatible with the taste of your target audience. If you aren’t sure about this, reach out to people you know in your target market beforehand to find out what constitutes a great event to them.

    Once you know the sound they’re looking for, you can find up and coming local artists that are usually more than willing to play for your event, as it gives them more exposure as well.

    Most importantly, have printed editions of your magazine readily available, and ensure guests know how to find you on the web and where to pick up the next edition of your magazine.

    This information could be provided on a flyer or business card. To help ensure guests go home with this information, give out attractive gift bags or packages to attendees.

    If your magazine is to be paid for via subscribers, make sure there is a prominent place to sign up new subscribers at the magazine release party.

    Social Media and the Web

    Before you even begin advertising for your magazine launch, be sure that all your social networks and your website are set up and good to go.

    You’ll want to be sure that advertisers and attendees alike will be able to at least tweet and post on Facebook about your magazine and your event.

    Encourage people to tweet or like you on Facebook at your event by offering a discount or some other merchandise as a reward. You should also have some enticing content ready on your website to give potential readers an idea of what you’re all about.

    Also make sure that users can subscribe to your magazine through your website if you are planning to distribute by direct mail. Your website and social media networks will help promote your magazine before, during, and long after your launch party.

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