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    Thinking about sports team printing? It’s finally summer and for many of us that means it’s time to get out the sunscreen, cooler box, and camp chair…because we’ll be watching local sports! Most of us are limited to watching our own little aspiring athletes making their way around the bases or taking corner kicks.

    But every once in a while, we get to take part ourselves in adult leagues. The sunny, warm weather doesn’t just get the kids outside, it also kick-starts the church and community teams. The more talented of us may play on an amateur or semi-pro team, and every team needs a fan base (and possible sponsors), but to get supporters you have to advertise! That’s where sports team printing can help.

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    Ways to Use Sports Team Printing

    Now, Little League and youth soccer associations don’t exactly attract droves of people, but family members are reliable attendees…that is, if they remember there was a game. Having durable season schedules printed and mailed out to extended family is a great way to pack the stands and create a fun, engaging atmosphere for the team.

    The same is true for church and community teams. Traditionally, softball is the sport of choice, but kickball and Ultimate Frisbee teams are now popping up from town to town and they all need schedules and rosters!

    Printed schedules and team event flyers are important tools for keeping fans informed and attracting sponsors, who may provide the funds for new uniforms or equipment in exchange for their logo to be present on the sports team printing materials. Semi-pro and amateur teams rely entirely on their sponsors, and the more places that logo appears, the happier the sponsor is.

    Restaurants can also use sports team printing to work with local sports teams of any age. They can use schedules, rosters, and event flyers to promote their half-off apps for anyone who comes in after the game or to invite sports fans to their watching party for the local pro team’s Big Game.

    By supplying the fans with the information they need (that also includes the restaurant’s name, location, and specials) the after-game “where should we go for dinner?” question won’t even come up – those players and fans will be as loyal to that restaurant as they are to their team.

    Of course, using sports team printing to reach out to fans is not limited to sports in the summertime. Bowling leagues are just one example of a sport that still thrives throughout the country all year long and booster clubs promote fundraisers and events that support high school and college teams.

    Bowling alleys can fill up their leagues by letting people know when the new season begins through cards in the mail. Boosters have a constant need for printed material through multiple teams and events that need their own fundraising campaigns.

    Whether you are a restaurant calling all hungry sports fans, a community team looking for new sponsorship, or a Little League supporter trying to make sure your season schedule stands out on family members’ fridges, the sports team printing options at Dazzle Printing offer quality, affordable flyers and cards that will meet all of your needs.

    We are excited to work with you this summer (and beyond!) to make sure that your team has the best support possible! Be sure to check out our numerous 5-star Google reviews.

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