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  • Wire-o Journal Printing: Spotlight on Money Manifestation Journal

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    Client Spotlights

    This wire-o journal printing project was designed to help the reader stay focused on money, abundance, and good high vibrational energy. According to the introduction to the journal, “High vibration/positive energy attracts the things we desire. Low vibrational/negative energy attracts the opposite of what we desire.

    It’s a lot easier to manifest the things that you want when you feel good. Your thoughts create your emotions, and your emotions will always be the key indicator of how aligned you are with the things that you desire.”

    The journal uses these top proven manifestation techniques: awareness of emotion as it pertains to source alignment, vision/dream board, affirmations, journaling, and use of imagination. The design provides plenty of space for writing and sharing your manifestations!

    Project Specs for Wire-o Journal Printing

    Paper: 70# Uncoated Text

    Cover: 120# Gloss Cover

    Ink: Color

    Size: 9 x 12 inches

    Binding: Wire-o

    # of Pages: 70

    wire-o journal

    Client Review for Wire-o Journal Printing:

    Why did you choose Dazzle Printing?

    Dazzle Printing was the only company I could find that was affordable, professional, and that offered the type of binding I was looking for. They also offered free shipping which was definitely a plus!

    How was your experience with Dazzle Printing?

    I had a good experience. I called a lot because I had a ton of questions and I was always helped with no problem.

    How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

    The quality was great and everything was delivered in a timely manner. I ordered during a big storm and they still shipped in a great amount of time.

    Would you use Dazzle Printing again? Why?

    Yes, I plan to continue to use them for my printing needs. They are efficient, fairly priced and friendly.

    Is there anything you wish had been different?

    I would have liked for them to offer hard covers but honestly I could not find ANY printing company that offered that or anything close to what Dazzle had to offer.

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    More Information on Wire-o Journal Printing

    For more information about Mindset Makeover Club, visit their website.

    Check out our pricing on our instant calculators if you would like to print a journal with us.


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