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  • 8 Fun School Printing Projects

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    Looking for fun school printing projects? As a teacher, you deal with lots of printed papers. Why not create your own to make your teaching easier and more enjoyable? In this list, we’ve combined school printing projects you can do with your classroom along with those you can do on your own.

    A group printing project is an enjoyable, educational experience for any classroom. Working on school printing projects teaches children about teamwork, creativity, and the technical side of printing. If you need inspiration for your next group project, try one of these.

    Benefits of School Printing Projects

    There are many good reasons to plan a school printing project with your class. Here are just a few.

    It’s an outstanding learning experience. Children are naturally curious about how things are made. With a group school printing project, you give them hands-on experience in designing and creating a finished product they can see and touch.

    You’ll foster their creativity. A school printing project is a wonderful way to show off your classroom’s talents. Whether you have budding artists, writers, designers, or project managers in your class, this is everyone’s chance to shine.

    The project will enhance teamwork. A classroom school printing project involves every student. It’s an excellent way to get them to talk and work with other students as they focus on a shared goal.

    Your school might make money. Some school printing projects double as fundraising tools. Calendars, greeting cards, and recipe books are popular fundraising items. If your school is looking for new ways to raise money, consider one of these potentially lucrative school printing projects.

    1. Classroom Anthology

    A classroom anthology is a collection of your students’ work in a printed book form. Your anthology might be a collection of stories, essays, poems, photographs, drawings, or all the above. When you finish, you’ll have a printed book your class can read and show off to their family.

    This is a project that calls on your classroom’s creative efforts. It teaches them the printing process from first draft to final publication.

    2. Homecoming Posters

    Homecoming is a big event at most high schools. Because it’s open to all students, it’s more casual and open than prom. Students of any year can get involved in the planning for homecoming.

    Like other school events, homecoming requires a lot of planning. Your classroom can offer to take over the design and printing of homecoming banners and posters. That will be much appreciated, and this print project will allow all your students to feel like they’re involved in the excitement of homecoming.

    3. Morning Routine Poster and Flyers

    Make sure the classroom is a place of calm and safety. A regular, planned routine they can count on gives students a sense of security. Letting children know what you expect of them can foster their sense of independence. A printed poster outlining your classroom rules will help you keep your class informed.

    What should your morning routine poster include? Discuss your most important rules with your class. List whatever rules or expectations you have from your classroom on it. That could include practical reminders about books and backpacks, or it could be gentle reminders about how to interact with each other. For instance, your list might include:

    • Hang up your coats and backpacks
    • Take out your lunchboxes
    • Sit in your assigned seat
    • Share a smile with someone
    • Raise your hand to speak

    Invite your students to decorate the poster with appealing images. You’ll all enjoy seeing your finished poster on the classroom wall every morning. Supplement the poster with printed flyers that you can hand out to the students and their parents.

    4. Substitute Teacher Guide

    Substitute teachers are essential to any well-run school. Substitutes step in when teachers need a day off, go on vacation, get sick, have emergencies, or otherwise can’t cover their classes. You can make your substitute’s job easier with a printed guide that answers all their questions.

    The guide could include information about the school that any substitute would find helpful, including:

    • Directions to the office, restroom, and other key places
    • Emergency contact numbers
    • Daily schedule
    • Attendance record
    • Enjoyable classroom activities the substitute can use
    • Feedback form to get the substitute teacher’s comments on your students

    Any substitute will appreciate getting a helpful guide like this. You can print a substitute guide for each grade level.

    5. School Recipe Book

    A school recipe book might be one of the most enjoyable school printing projects. Every school has its share of mothers who bake. These dedicated moms pride themselves on their beautifully decorated cakes, cupcakes, and other goodies. Round up their recipes and others in a printed, bound book.

    Churches, animal rescue groups, and other nonprofits regularly publish cookbooks based on the favorite recipes of their donors and volunteers. Why not adapt that idea into a school cookbook? You can include appetizers, drinks, main courses, and desserts provided by students, teachers, and family members.

    To get started, create a deadline that includes time to gather the recipes, edit them, choose pictures, and get the cookbook professionally published. Once you have it done, you can sell it at school events or online.

    6. Calendar

    Show your school spirit with a calendar that highlights your classroom activities all year. A calendar is a wonderful way to show off your students and their talents. You can include photographs and classroom artwork.

    There are many calendar templates available online and through the most popular illustration software. You can find them on Microsoft Word and other word processing programs.

    A simple calendar style will work, and it’s easy to add your images and artwork. Professional printing will create a calendar you can give away as a gift or sell during school events.

    7. Greeting Cards

    Seasonal greeting cards make fun school printing projects for students of any age. Your class can make cards for holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or other seasonal celebrations.

    Begin planning the card project a few months ahead of time. Explain to the students that the plan includes producing artwork, designing the cards, writing the greeting, and getting the cards printed.

    For the layout, use a simple template available from a design illustration program. You can work with your students to write the greetings and develop an attractive layout for the cards.

     8. Class Newspaper

    Newspapers are classic school printing projects. Teach your students the fundamentals of newspaper printing. Your class can write news stories, create headlines, choose photographs, and watch as they all come together in a printed format. For this project, you can use your school printer.

    The articles in your class newspaper depend on your students’ writing level. For middle school and above, you can use the newspaper articles as writing assignments. For primary school, you may need to help the students choose topics and write their articles.

    Focus on lighthearted topics that everyone can enjoy, or make up fun newspaper articles based on favorite children’s stories.

    School Printing Projects Make Learning Fun

    These classroom printing projects will teach your students about design and production. You’ll create lasting memories and new opportunities for fundraising. We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips, and we look forward to helping you with all your school printing needs.


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