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  • AI Writing: Can You Create a Stellar Book?

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    Can you create an outstanding book with AI writing? Taking a book from concept to draft to final manuscript takes most authors a big chunk of time, not the least of which may include agonizing over word choice, what to include or remove, and developing creative content on the fly to support where the book’s content seems to be taking you.

    But what if you didn’t have to write every word yourself, saving you time and energy while still producing a book from your concept? Artificial intelligence software also called AI, is a tool that some writers have begun to use to assist them in writing books.

    What Is AI?

    It’s no secret that computer programming has become “smarter” in recent years, and we all have experienced the smallest instances of artificial intelligence programming in our daily lives, perhaps without even realizing it.

    But AI takes this to a different level because programs that utilize artificial intelligence are loaded with an almost endless amount of factual data and then are programmed to learn from a user’s input so they can model human-like outputs that improve and adjust with continued experience.

    In other words, AI software begins to learn about the user from how they compose sentences, the logic they use, and how they speak in order to better support them. As a result, AI software is now utilized in everything from problem-solving to assisting authors with the weighty task of writing a book.

    Enhancing Your Abilities with AI Writing

    Authors who use AI writing tools software designed to help with their writing will quickly see how these changes in technology will boost their work, its quality, and how quickly an author can develop content with AI writing assistance. And while AI writing tools can’t write every word without your help, today’s writing software utilizing AI technology can assist writers in a variety of ways.

    Adaptability: With every sentence you compose, AI writing software learns a little bit more about your style and writing voice. AI-powered software is able to consistently adapt to your writing process and use a similar voice and tone in its contributions.

    Better Quality: AI writing software that is available today to supplement or support an author’s content is now much more consistent in quantity than it had been in previous years. With an improved and more uniform quality of the writing that today’s AI writing software is capable of producing, authors can use it with greater confidence.

    Cost Savings: One of the reasons AI writing software is so popular for writers is that it cuts down on the dead time that plagues those who face writer’s block or who are slow writers.

    When AI writing is employed, it takes less time to write content so authors can move more swiftly to the publishing phase and ultimately sell their work sooner. Since “time is money,” AI writing software helps authors save time and potentially make money quicker.

    Easy to Use: Software with AI to write book content uses what is called Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help ensure that the initial content creation sounds natural and contains the information you want.

    Editing and Revising Capabilities: Self-published authors often have to hire a professional editor to fine-tune their writing. But AI writing software can be used to revise content for consistency in writing as well as provide appropriate editing suggestions, reducing the need for authors to outsource these jobs as well as waste valuable time waiting for them to be completed.

    Improved Accuracy and Efficiency: Since the algorithms governing AI writing software make sure that content is always accurate, authors can rely on the software to be error-free, allowing authors to spend more time on their own work.

    This increased personal efficiency is also further enhanced by the fact that using AI to write book content will work at a much faster rate than a human can write, so authors can spend more time focusing on their writing when it is augmented by AI software content.

    Integrating AI Writing

    For authors dedicated to improving their own craft, integrating some use of artificial intelligence software can be beneficial and in some cases, actually, improve an author’s own work and professionalism when used judiciously.

    Book Descriptions

    Self-published authors are responsible for creating every aspect of their book’s marketing content. When selling your book on different platforms like Amazon, your own author website or Apple Books, creating an interesting book description that will attract the right readers is key to getting sales.

    But without help keeping up with all of the other demands of marketing your book, your book description could fall flat, or you just might miss the mark. AI-generated descriptions can be a welcome addition to your marketing plan by complementing your own voice with a fresh perspective on your book’s content.

    And since when you are using AI writing for book descriptions you still have the ability to tweak the final product yourself, you are guaranteed that you will have one that you love that takes minimal time away from other writing tasks that are more pressing.

    Book Trailer Scripts

    Many authors now turn to a book trailer video to augment their marketing strategy since videos are such a large part of our culture. But coming up with a winning script for your trailer can take time and creativity, both of which can eat into a self-publishing author’s valuable time that could be dedicated to other key tasks like finishing the book’s contents.

    So an author who wants to use AI to assist in developing a script to be used for a trailer is an excellent way to integrate this smart technology without compromising an author’s own writing in any way.

    Creative Options

    Spending time scrolling through your social media and coming up with clever things to post may sound like a fun way to while away the time, but for self-publishing authors, social media posts and responses are a necessity.

    Smart authors use social media to connect with their target readers but coming up with original posts can drain the creative juices quickly. Using AI writing to supplement your content is a great way to develop content your followers will love without running out of steam yourself.

    Title Development

    Thinking of the perfect title to grab a reader’s attention can be challenging for an author of any level of experience. So authors who use AI to generate potential titles to choose from can integrate this time-saving technology into their book creation timeline and spend more time on other tasks like collaborating with a design expert to create an eye-catching book cover or working with a graphic designer to format their self-published book exactly how they want it to look.

    Writer’s Block

    Just about every writer has experienced the phenomenon known as writer’s block. But writers can use AI writing to help them move past this creativity stalemate that plagues most authors at one time or another.

    Since AI is intuitive and learns from your past work, using it to create the next phrase, sentence, or paragraph can be the perfect solution for taking that next step forward in their story or book content while still maintaining their own voice and writing style.

    If You Can, Should You?

    Software with AI writing technology has advanced in recent years enough to create a book from start to finish. So those who want to write a book with the help of AI can do it, although human interactions will have to take place for the software to learn the writer’s voice and style if the final product is going to reflect the author in any way.

    But even with all of the advancements in technology, AI software is still simply machine learning that was developed by humans. And AI software has its limitations – the biggest one being that it is machine learning and not a human’s cognitive learning. We learn new tasks through cognitive learning which allows us to do things like develop connections with other people, multitask and build memories, all unique and critical components of human intelligence.

    And while AI writing software can learn and adapt to what we input into it, the software just cannot completely mimic a human connection. Can others tell when content is AI-produced? In small bites, maybe not. But the most fool-proof way to use AI is to let it supplement your writing, fill in the gaps when you need help or use AI software to generate content that will be complementary to your writing.

    And most authors will agree that the beauty of becoming a published author is the undeniable fact that they dreamed up, wrote, edited, revised, and finalized their book from start to finish, creating a personal memory that AI is not capable of making in the first place.

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