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printed educational materials

Printed Educational Materials: Why Paper Is Best for Learning

Why are printed educational materials the best for learning? The goal of every teacher is to share information that students retain, use, and integrate into their overall knowledge. To do that, they rely on printed educational materials. Research and experience … Continue reading »

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church bulletins

Church Bulletins: Everything You Need to Know to Print Successful Bulletins

One of the most common ways that churches communicate with their members and service attendees is with church bulletins. Whether handed out by congregants or left at self-service locations around the building, church bulletins remain an effective and efficient means … Continue reading »

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leaflet printing

Leaflet Printing: A 6 Step Definitive Design Guide

What is leaflet printing? Businesses use all kinds of printed and digital marketing materials to reach potential customers and strengthen relationships with current ones. And using a quick-to-make yet highly effective marketing tool like a leaflet is the perfect way … Continue reading »

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comic book publishing

Comic Book Publishing: 7 Steps for a Great Comic Book

One of the thrilling parts of comic book publishing is realizing that these action-packed, visual stories are wildly popular genres enjoyed by readers of every age. Traditional comics depend on the antics of superheroes like the Marvel characters to lead … Continue reading »

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book cover design

Book Cover Design: A Definitive Step by Step Guide

Book cover design is essential to the success of your book. Whether your book is fiction or nonfiction, the cover is the first impression your book makes on potential readers. It’s simple: Covers sell books. A book cover design that … Continue reading »

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comedy writing

Comedy Writing: How to Add Humor to Your Book

Knowing how to write comedy is a skill. You can use comedy writing to add humor to any book, even if it’s not a funny book. Adding humor, where proper, makes your book more enjoyable to read and adds some … Continue reading »

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printing myths

Printing Myths: 5 Common Ones to Ignore

Concerned about printing myths? The printing press has been around since the 15th century when Europeans improved on ancient China’s block printing methods. Today, print options include digital printing and more traditional offset printing methods. But even with the time-honored … Continue reading »

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graphic novel

Graphic Novel: How to Publish a Great One

Readers of all ages love engaging storytelling, but one of the most unique ways to experience a story is through a graphic novel. While many readers may only associate graphic novels with manga, a colorful Japanese style of cartooning, graphic … Continue reading »

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Proofreading: 13 Tips to Effectively Proofread Your Book

How important is proofreading your book? The creative process of writing a book looks different for every author. Some writers like to sit down and write content in short bursts of inspiration while others schedule their writing time by the … Continue reading »

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controversial topics

Controversial Topics: How to Handle Them in Children’s Books

We think of children as living in a state of innocence. For the most part, they do, but that doesn’t mean they’re shielded from awareness about controversial topics in the world. If you want to address these controversial topics in … Continue reading »

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