graduation booklet printing

Graduation Booklet Printing: Spotlight on The Grad Kendall Rucker

This graduation booklet printing project was beautifully designed and managed to capture the infectious joy and spirit of the new graduate — Kendall Rucker. Although the booklet was only 8 pages, the designer, Chequita Jones, captured so much information about … Continue reading »

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dance recital program

Dance Recital Program: 10 Tips Create a Dazzling Program

A dance recital is your chance to show off all the hard work you and your dance company have done over the past year. One of the best ways to commemorate this wonderful event is with a well-written, beautifully designed … Continue reading »

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saddle stitch creep

Saddle Stitch Creep: Creating an Awesome Booklet

With multiple types of bindings available perfect for just about any book or project, one of the most popular options is the saddle stitch binding. For self-published projects, using a binding that makes your work look great while being easy … Continue reading »

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sports program booklet

Sports Program Booklet: How to Create an Awesome One

A sports program booklet is a fun way to provide information about a team, the season, and the sport for fans and can be customized for just about any sporting activity. But making a sports program booklet may involve gathering … Continue reading »

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booklet design

Booklet Design: 5 Steps for Outstanding Booklets

Booklets are a resourceful presentation of essential details for a business, academic project, and so much more. With the digital age causing the attention span of most readers to decrease, a sharp booklet design makes it easier for you to … Continue reading »

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Business Booklet Printing

Use Business Booklet Printing Effectively

The business booklet printing piece is a neglected form of print media when it comes to marketing collateral portfolios. While many people will choose to opt for a rack card or a brochure, the fact is that a booklet can … Continue reading »

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Business Booklets

How Can Business Booklets Help Your Business?

Business booklets are one of the best ways to share information about and promote your brand with the audience. Not only can booklets display a generous amount of information, but they also give the appearance of an “educational tool”, rather … Continue reading »

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booklet creation

Booklet Creation — Key Considerations for an Effective Booklet

When it comes to booklet creation for your business, there are several key considerations that you need to keep in mind. After all, in the eyes of readers, the design and flow of your booklet can make the difference between … Continue reading »

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Book Layout Tips For Achieving Stunning Prints

Book Layout Tips for Achieving Stunning Prints

Book layout tips are an important part of your document printing. Here at Dazzle Printing, we are committed to helping our clients have better access to digital printing services and stunning print media. While we are confident of creating high-quality … Continue reading »

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Self Publish A Coloring Book

Self Publish a Coloring Book: How to Create a Dazzling One

Who should you self publish a coloring book? In the age of COVID-19, many people are spending most of their time indoors and less time at venues outside the home. It is no wonder that many are turning to stay-at-home … Continue reading »

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