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    Looking for cheap poster printing? Every detail of your presentation matters. If a potential customer looks at your poster, they will gauge your professionalism and attention to detail based on the information presented by your design. Maybe you’re not a graphic designer – that’s ok! We can work with whatever artistic talent you have at your disposal. When you’re putting your design together, keep a few basic design principles in mind to make online cheap poster printing easy.

    1. Start with a simple design.

    Pick out an uncomplicated design. Choose a simple image or pattern as the focal point of your poster. Keep the rest of the background solid-colored and minimalistic.

    2. Figure out a font.

    Choose the right font. Don’t use anything potentially difficult to read – avoid cursive or loopy fonts. Helvetica, Garamond, and Times New Roman all have a reputation for a high level of readability.

    Think about making the text large enough to be read from far away. The less time people spend squinting at your poster, the more easily they’ll take in the information, which is your goal when you print posters.

    3. Master the color wheel.

    Experiment with colors that complement each other. Complementary colors occupy opposite sides of the color wheel, and make each other stand out when used together. Here are the basic complementary color pairings:

    • Blue and orange
    • Red and green
    • Yellow and purple

    4. Writing copy for your cheap poster printing.

    Use a light-colored text on a dark background for visually pleasing, easy-to-read lettering.

    If you have lots of text you’d like to include, remember to keep sentences short and to-the-point. Consider putting information in short, bulleted lists for optimum reader comprehension.

    5. Keep it neat!

    When you’re designing your poster in a word processor, make sure the overall look is pleasing. Straight, even lines will make it easy to make your design look balanced.

    To ensure proper cheap poster printing, make sure the main elements of your design don’t touch the edges of your poster print. Leave a margin around the edges for a neat design. The more precise your design, the more professional your poster will look.

    Once you have a final design, you can send it directly to Dazzle Printing for cheap poster printing online. We’ll send you a proof, either electronically as a PDF or as a hardcopy via UPS. Once you approve the proof, we can have it printed and shipped within 48 hours.

    For cheap poster printing, the minimum order is 25. The calculator on our website can calculated prices from 25 to over 2500 11 x 17 posters. If you need a different size, let us know and we’ll name a price that works for you. We make online poster printing as easy as possible at Dazzle Printing! Be sure to check out our tons of 5-star Google reviews.

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