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  • Church Printing Ideas: Spark Your Creativity

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    These church printing ideas will kick-start your creativity. Every church needs the right printed materials to reach new members, keep members updated on church news, and make parishioners feel welcome. A total printing package uses your logo, images, and colors to create a compelling brand that helps you do all that.

    Church Printing Ideas: Newsletter

    A newsletter is an excellent way to stay in touch with current and potential church members. A monthly or seasonal printed newsletter keeps your parishioners informed about church news. It’s also a good way to share ideas about faith and life. Invite readers to respond to what they like—and don’t like—in the newsletter, and even to contribute their own articles. Use your newsletter as a source of both information and inspiration.

    Church Printing Ideas: Welcome Brochure

    New members are crucial to any church’s growth. Your current parishioners are a solid foundation, but new people are the building blocks of your future success. Many churches have systems for attracting new members, such as after-mass coffees, lunch gatherings, “bring-a-friend” days, and other special events.

    Once you have your potential new members inside the doors, use welcome brochures to make them feel special. Use a welcome brochure to:

    • Offer a warm thanks to the visitor.
    • Give them contact information.
    • Inform them of any church activities aimed at first-time visitors or those new to the faith.
    • Close with a wish that they’ll come back.

    The welcome brochure can be a single page designed as a flyer. It may also be a single-fold, four-page brochure with pictures. Whatever design style you choose, make sure it has your church logo and other identifying images.

    Church Printing Ideas: Tithing Envelope

    Tithing is part of being a church member. Surprisingly, most people don’t donate to their churches online. According to church surveys, more than half of churchgoers prefer to pay by cash or check during a service.

    Knowing that, make it easy for them to make their donation discreetly with your own tithing envelopes. These envelopes should have your church’s name and the statement, “Thank you for your donation,” or similar wording.

    Tithing envelopes give your church a professional image and make it easy for people to give without letting everyone around them know how much they’re donating.

    Church Printing Ideas: Church Bulletin

    The church bulletin may seem like a faded symbol of your childhood churchgoing days, but it is alive and well. Most churches still use them, and the larger the church, the more likely it is to have a professional-looking bulletin.

    Also known as worship guides, information guides, or worship folders, these bulletins serve several purposes. They tell attendees what they can expect from the service that day. They also provide a way to welcome people as they arrive.

    When people complain about church bulletins, they complain about bulletins that are out of date and those that look sloppy or amateurish. To avoid those criticisms, focus on creating a great-looking bulletin, and be sure you proofread it carefully before going to print.

    Church Printing Ideas: Church Recipe Book

    A mainstay of small and large churches in every corner of the country, recipe books are a wonderful way to celebrate your church’s members. They’re also great fundraising tools.

    To create a recipe collection, start by contacting your parishioners by mail, email, and the church newsletter. Appoint someone to oversee the recipe selection and someone else to handle pictures and photographs.

    When you design the recipe book, divide it into the usual categories: appetizers, main courses, salads, desserts, and drinks. Add pictures or photographs, and get ready to sell the book at church events.

    Church Printing Ideas: Church Directory

    A church directory is a major project for any church. It can also be an enjoyable one.

    Preparing a church directory is one of the best-known church printing ideas, and it’s one that has persisted, even in today’s online age.

    While many churches opt for online directories, a printed directory has many advantages. It is a resource you can hand to anyone who needs more information about your church. Use it to record weddings, baptisms, deaths, and other life events. Your directory can document your church’s most important historical moments through photographs and member quotes.

    Some churches use an online directory as a supplement because it can be updated quickly with current information. Even in these cases, a printed directory can still serve an important role. Like a school yearbook, it is a scrapbook of key church events and people for each year.

    What to include

    What should be in your church directory?

    • Each member’s full name, phone number, and email address
    • Information about the member’s family
    • Ministry involvement, including committees or volunteer work
    • Member photos
    • Member birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates

    Besides the member information, the directory should also have:

    • Information about the church
    • Name and contact information for all pastors, ministers, and other church leaders
    • Regular church events
    • Mass dates and times

    Church Printing Ideas: Posters and Banners

    Are you having a special event? Is your church on a tucked-away road, and you’re worried that people don’t even know it’s there? Whether you use them for signage or church events, posters and banners always come in handy. Hang them around the church or near the main road close to your address.

    A Professional Printer Can Handle All Your Church Printing Ideas

    Whether you need business cards, brochures, newsletters, or posters in all sizes, a printer is there to help. Your materials will look their best when you focus on clean, attractive design, high-resolution graphics, and expert, professional printing. Once the printer has your information, all it takes is one phone call to print another run of bulletins, posters, or tithing envelopes.

    Fitting Church Printing Ideas into Your Budget

    Churches don’t typically have huge budgets for marketing and outreach. You can create attractive, well-designed materials, even on a tight budget. Here are some tips to make printed materials more affordable.

    Try printing in one color

    You can save money by printing in black and white. Focus on creating an attractive design that will look striking in just one color.

    Study printed materials for design inspiration

    If you’re new to design and layout, don’t worry. You can borrow ideas from other designs. If you see brochures, catalogs, or other printed materials that you like the looks of, use them as a guideline.

    Most well-designed marketing materials have these elements in common:

    • High-resolution graphics
    • Plenty of white space
    • Simple, elegant layout
    • Rich black text

    When in doubt, study these materials for church printing ideas you can use.

    Use templates for church printing ideas

    Templates save time and money. Instead of coming up with your own idea for every printed piece, use free design templates from Canva, Template.net, or Microsoft Word to create great-looking church printed materials.

    Use free and copyright-free stock images

    There are dozens of online sites where you can find beautiful, high-resolution photos and other artwork for all your printed materials. They are free to use. They’re also free of any copyright restrictions, so you can use them for any purpose.

    Here are some of the top places to find free pictures. Some sites ask only that you give credit to the artist or photographer. You will find great-looking artwork that’s suitable for any church publication.

    Work with the same printer for all your print materials

    Once you’ve worked with a printer, it’s fast and easy to use that same printer for future church printing ideas. They know your logo and may even have it in a ready-to-print format. They’re familiar with your styles, colors, deadlines, and priorities. Instead of shopping around, save time and money by working with a printer who already knows you.

    Use Printed Materials to Make Your Church Look Good

    Which of these church printing ideas do you plan to use? When it’s time to print them, contact Dazzle Printing. We work with many churches who trust us to print their bulletins, directories, and recipe books. They know they can count on great service at affordable rates.


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