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  • Conference Printing: Extend the Event’s Success

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    When planning to host or attend a conference, convention or trade show, creating and printing the materials you will need for the event to be successful is a big part of the preparation process. And while some of the information at an in-person event might be passed on to attendees digitally, custom printed materials that participants can use to make the event go smoothly or even use long after the last meeting has finished will extend the event’s impact.

    Businesses can enhance the attendees’ experience with smart conference printing strategies and targeted trade show printing practices can help build connections with potential customers at these large events with huge numbers of participants. For companies that host or attend conventions, developing effective and memorable printed materials will ensure that the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

    Why Conference Printing Matters at In-Person Events

    No one wants to invest in anything that a customer, attendee, or potential client will just toss in the trash and forget. Big in-person events provide the perfect situation for businesses to create something that will have a lasting impact and the best way to do that is to create trade show, convention, or conference printing products that add value to the event and the attendee’s experience.

    Developing materials that will be useful and memorable increases the value of the event for attendees and can even encourage attendance or participation at future ones.

    Arrive Prepared for Productivity

    Showing up for an in-person event with all the supplies you need to connect with attendees is critical to the event’s success. Whether you are presenting at a conference breakout session, preparing the flow of meetings within your market’s convention or even planning out attendee activities at a trade show printing the right kind of materials to increase productivity will help you make the most of the event for both the organizer and the participants.

    • Event Programs are a must-do for event organizers since they provide key information like meeting schedules, locations, speaker bios and acknowledge event sponsors. Conference printing services always include programs because attendees expect to have a single location where they can find all important event information and event organizers can rely on a program to help the conference run more smoothly with this all-in-one guide. Conference printing may include an event program that introduces the purpose of coming together to build excitement and enthusiasm among the attendees.
    • Event Workbooks can provide needed space for notes, meeting content, and event information in a convenient location for both attendees and organizers. Workbooks can also be designed to promote future events, doubling their usefulness for organizers and participants who attend convention, conference, or trade shows regularly.

    Equip Participants for Interactions with Conference Printing

    Having the right tools in hand at an in-person event can make a difference for participants at live events who are expected to interact quickly and effectively with others at the event. Salespeople who only have moments to connect with potential customers at a busy trade show, conventioneers making the most of their time with other attendees or conference participants trying to keep up with a barrage of incoming information all benefit from conference printing tools created to equip them for event interactions.

    • All event attendees or participants can use Branded Notepads and act as a reminder for future events.
    • Sales teams appreciate an event-specific Full-color Catalog to hand out to potential customers at trade shows, conferences, or conventions. Catalogs can be developed to focus on products or services uniquely appealing at an event and can include helpful content like which booth to find the organization in at the event or the contact names of event attendees for customer reference.
    • Event organizers can utilize Flyers to bring attention to special meetings, shows. or activities within an event while participating businesses can print flyers to provide quick access to key information for potential clients or customers at an in-person event.
    • Many companies rely on printing Informational Brochures to provide company information in a succinct, easily manageable format. Lower in cost than larger books, a brochure’s Saddle Stitch binding creates a professional appearance without creating the bulk that comes with other types of bindings.

    Make Your Event Memorable with Conference Printing

    As an event organizer, saving a history of past trade shows, conventions, or conferences may be part of your charge and a Business Photo Book is a great way to preserve those memories. A Perfect bound photo book is the perfect way to capture the excitement and energy of an event and the book offers an ideal platform to show potential attendees, sponsors, or other businesses that may want to participate in the future the success of the past events. Photobooks are also excellent ways to mark memorable events for an individual company and can be produced in advance of an in-person event or after one concludes to preserve moments for the future.

    Match the Materials to the Job for Conference Printing

    Once you’ve decided which type of products will be the most effective additions to your event, make sure that you consider the materials that will make your conference printing products work the best and look great at the same time.


    If you are printing a photo book, a booklet, a workbook or an event program, choosing the best binding for your conference printing project will help it last and may save you money at the same time.

    • Perfect Binding uses strong adhesive to create a traditional book with a professional appearance. Perfect bound books also have a spine location that is ideal for labeling your photo books or workbooks so they draw attention on a shelf.
    • Plastic Coil Binding uses a hole punch and plastic loop to bind projects, and since plastic coil allows books to lay flat they are great for heavy-use projects like workbooks and cost less than other similar bindings.
    • Saddle Stitch Binding is perfect for smaller projects like booklets and programs. Saddle stitch binding uses heavy-weight staples and can support a wide range of covers to make your project look professional for not a lot of money.
    • Wire-o Binding is similar to plastic coil binding, but instead uses a smaller, more tightly wound wire to bind the book instead of a lighter-weight plastic coil. Books with wire-o binding also lay flat making them a perfect option for workbooks and other books that will be written in, and the wire construction is very sturdy and professional in appearance.


    For a conference printing project that will remain long after the event, like a photo book or a trade show workbook, consider enlisting the aid of a cover design expert to create a beautiful cover that integrates event branding with the themes, colors, and graphic elements that make your event unique. Beautiful photos or meaningful graphics can attract attention to your conference printing project and add value to the project.

    Paper Weight and Coating

    For printed materials that will be used heavily like programs and workbooks, consider utilizing a heavier weight of paper for the cover to help it last through the event and still look good when the attendees return back to their homes and workplaces. You can also add a gloss or coating to the cover or to the pages of a photo book to draw attention to the photos or graphic elements as well as provide an additional layer of strength to the book so it will last longer and look great after the event has ended.

    Partnering for a Successful Conference Printing

    Take one stress off of your plate as you get ready for your conference, convention, or trade show by working with a trusted printing partner like Dazzle Printing. You can upload your digital files and order your event printing projects in minutes so you can print event projects that will make your event run smoothly with materials that look professional and provide gorgeous and meaningful content for your event’s participants.


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