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  • Custom Planner Printing: 4 Tips to Create a Great Planner

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    Wondering whether custom planner printing is right for your business? Businesses are always seeking novel, creative, and inexpensive marketing strategies to connect with their customers. Giveaway items can be a big hit with the consumer because they get an item they need (or didn’t know they needed) for free and companies are given an extended time period with their branding right in their target market’s hands.

    Custom planner printing is a perfect choice for businesses that want their marketing strategy to stand out while still providing a gift that a potential customer will love.

    What Is Custom Planner Printing?

    Businesses or individuals can create their own unique planner that includes the colors, themes, dates, reminders and almost any other personalized content they want or need. Custom planner printing is designed using a template along with a whole host of potential inclusions that will make the planner convenient and beautiful at the same time.

    Printers like Dazzle Printing can print small or large batches of planners that can be used by just about anyone to stay organized and on top of events, birthdays, anniversaries, sales or promotions, or business and personal appointments.

    Custom Planner Printing: A Planner for Everyone

    The beauty of custom planner printing is they can be created for so many different uses and situations. Each type of planner includes a calendar, but the other details inside make the planner useful and meaningful for almost anyone.

    • Business promotion planners can be created with any length of calendar and include any extras that might help customers stay in touch with a business.
    • Professional planners might be created with a calendar that recognizes all national holidays, offers space to track business or travel expenses, and gives users a place to make notes near each day or week section.
    • Parent planners can include local team schedules and school calendars and provide places for parents to track their kids’ schedules and teachers.
    • Student planners can be created with spaces for schedules and teacher names and may come pre-loaded with important school dates like holidays and exam days.
    • Teacher planners can be developed so educators can track planning days and continuing education credits along with school calendar dates.
    • Wedding, pregnancy, or special event planners can be created using less than a year calendar.

    How Custom Planner Printing Helps Your Business

    Creating a unique planner to promote and extend your business’s reach with the community or just special customers or clients is an excellent addition to any marketing strategy. Custom planner printing can add real value to your business’s branding and product promotions and offers a business multiple ways to keep its name in front of customers for months or even years.

    Custom Planner Printing Increases Brand Visibility

    One of the great benefits of a planner is that they are created to be used for months, a year, or even longer in some cases. This means branding in strategically placed locations on a custom planner printing project will be visible to users for the life of the planner.

    Almost no other kind of marketing product can make the claim that branding will remain visible for that length of time, so custom planner printing is an excellent investment for companies seeking a marketing strategy with long-term visibility potential. Branding locations on planners are almost endless, but some common spots offer a high likelihood of being seen by the customer.

    • On the front or back covers
    • Below each monthly calendar page
    • At the top of a “notes” section
    • As a footer or header on any or every page

    Custom Calendars Provide the Perfect Place to Remind Customers

    Does your business have regular seasonal or yearly sales? A pre-loaded calendar with your upcoming sales and promotions is an excellent way to use a custom planner printing project as a marketing tool. Customers will love knowing when the best time to shop with you will be, and some businesses even offer a special planner-only promotional code that rewards customers who keep and use the planner.

    Planners can also be used to remind customers about your company’s unique nature, special offerings that set your business apart from others in the industry, or why your company is an industry leader. Consider including personalized content that will help your potential customers get to know your company, your mission, or your leadership team.

    Custom Planner Printing Offers Pages and Pages of Opportunities

    With the flexibility businesses have in the format and style of the custom planners they create, every page offers a new chance to promote your business or industry.

    • For a subtle business promotion, pair your branding with the look or feel of popular culture. Select a theme or color scheme that is popular with specific age groups to appeal directly to the customer, and then create an alternative brand color scheme for your planner to match current trends.
    • Include coupons or offers throughout the custom planner printing project. Be consistent in where they are placed on each page or section to increase customer use.
    • Include a few whimsical details to add interest. One way to do this is to let your company mascot “speak” or share hints or fun information throughout the planner. Other businesses add a friendly or humorous tone to the informational pages to reveal their company’s playful side.
    • Don’t forget to include any information that will make contacting the business simple. Website addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses should all be included in a prominent location.
    • Employee, product, or service spotlights are all fun and meaningful additions to a planner.
    • Industry content can be especially helpful for businesses that have an information hurdle to cross with potential customers.

    Creating a Custom Planner for Your Business

    Custom planner printing is an excellent way to promote your business, give your customers a marketing product they can use on a regular basis, and ensure that your company’s name and brand will stay visible for a long time. Creating one that your customers will love and that will offer your business a product with the potential for a high rate of return on your investment is simple with a few basic steps.

    1 Pick the right purpose. Decide what you want your planner to accomplish before you begin designing it.

    Who will use it? Your intended user may be your target customer or their family member, or it might even be the community at large for businesses that are using planners as a way to get their name out to the community.

    Why will your planner be used? The different types of planners provide unique benefits to the intended user. Once you have defined who should use the planner, choose the type of planner that will appeal to them the most so your business will be closely connected to a useful and helpful product.

    A student, parent or teacher planner would match perfectly with companies that provide products or services to parents, athletes, students, organizations or clubs, teachers or communities with a school-oriented focus. Professional planners are an excellent fit for companies that focus on products and services for families or individuals who lead busy work and home lives.

    2 Choose the format. Use a free template to structure your planner and design the basic framework for the calendar pages it will have. Decide on a color scheme and enlist the aid of a graphic designer or cover design expert to make your planner appeal to your target user.

    Pick a binding style that matches the aesthetic of your planner. Plastic Coil and Wire-O bindings make turning pages smooth and allow the planner to lay flat or open to one page. Saddle stitch binding is a great money-saver that looks great and works well for smaller planners without adding bulk.

    3 Add the details that make the most impact. Extras like note pages, weekly summaries, areas to make checklists or to-do lists, or even beautiful photos or graphic elements can instantly transform your planner into something users will love. Consider the purpose of your planner and who will be using it to determine what details they will most appreciate and use when deciding what to include.

    4 Partner with a trusted printer. Dazzle Printing can help you with your custom planner printing to ensure your marketing project reflects your brand with a gorgeous planner your customers will love to use.


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