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  • Leaflet Printing: A 6 Step Definitive Design Guide

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    What is leaflet printing? Businesses use all kinds of printed and digital marketing materials to reach potential customers and strengthen relationships with current ones. And using a quick-to-make yet highly effective marketing tool like a leaflet is the perfect way to achieve these kinds of marketing goals. Our leaflet printing guide will help you understand what you need to know about using leaflets and how to make your own so you can add this effective outreach tool to your marketing plan.

    What Is Leaflet Printing?

    A simple and effective way to promote a business or a service is through leaflet printing. These versatile printed materials can be created in a variety of different sizes and formats and businesses can use them for a multitude of purposes. Leaflet is a broad term that describes brochures, flyers, different kinds of mailers as well as posters. Choosing the right leaflet style depends on a few factors like how the content will be delivered to the customer and how much content the leaflet must contain.

    Flyers are the perfect way to get the word out about a business, service or special event. These visually captivating tools are often printed on a single 8 ½ x11 sheet although flyers can be almost any custom size. Flyers usually contain images or graphics along with bold text, intended to quickly catch the eye of the reader. They may be distributed by hand or left in busy locations on bulletin boards or other community areas where marketing materials are allowed or encouraged.

    Mailers are a form of leaflet printing that is intended to be sent directly to potential customers. They may be printed on thicker paper so they can be sent as a postcard or single sheets that can be mailed directly to potential customers or other businesses with or without an envelope. Mailers may include both text and graphic elements and often include a coupon, promotion, sale, or an enticing offer intended to create urgency in the customer. They are also frequently used to advertise events, trade shows, and product launches.

    Posters are a leaflet printing product that are intended to be displayed at a business or other public location. They are usually larger in format and contain bold graphics or images with text. Posters may be printed with glossy or matte finishes and this type of leaflet is developed to be a durable and long-lasting marketing tool.

    Promotional Flyers utilize more targeted messaging than a basic flyer might. Strong graphics and bold text headlines are used to promote sales and new products or to introduce a business or service on this type of leaflet created with a strong visual impact.

    Leaflet Printing Design Guide

    Developing and printing a leaflet that will help you promote your business as part of your marketing strategy is easy with our leaflet printing guide. Our six easy steps begin with how you plan to use the leaflet.

    1. Decide on the Purpose.

    Before you begin the leaflet design process, clarify your end goal for using it. By defining how a leaflet fits into your marketing goals, it becomes easier to choose the right kind of leaflet format.

    • What are you trying to do with the leaflet? Think about what you want the leaflet to accomplish. If your goal is to introduce a new brand to the community, you will want to think about reaching a large audience with a leaflet that provides plenty of space for branding opportunities. But if your leaflet will present a new product, service, or sale within an already-defined customer base, then your marketing goals will need to include a more targeted tool that gives you the platform to present a coupon, promotional offer, or discount to entice consumers.
    • Which format will best serve your purpose? Once you have decided what your leaflet needs to accomplish, choose the right kind of leaflet to reach the right customer in the most effective way.

    Flyers work best when businesses can use bold headlines and minimal text to get their message across. Businesses that use mailers do so because text doesn’t have to be extensively limited when the mailer is used with an envelope or when an inexpensive postcard with a targeted message matches the marketing budget. A poster may work best for longer-range marketing goals that are not time sensitive. Consider a promotional flyer for goals that include promotions, sales, or coupons that are developed to create urgency.

    3. Choose the right visuals.

    Most of the leaflet printing formats are highly visual in nature, so getting the optics right is critical. Of course, including your business’s branding is a given since a leaflet is a marketing vehicle. But the other elements can make your poster pop and grab the viewer’s attention. Choosing boring or bland graphics can reduce the leaflet printing’s success in hitting your marketing goals when the target audience is not wowed by the way it looks or the visuals are not memorable.

    • What kinds of photographs, graphics, or visual elements will appeal directly to your target audience? Consider injecting something that is relevant to today’s culture into your leaflet like a trendy color scheme that will subliminally attract the attention of your intended audience. Gorgeous photographs and crisp graphics are appreciated by all demographics, but choosing ones that mimic the look and feel of the demographic’s interests is a good way to connect with your target audience.
    • What do you need to do to acquire those visuals? It is important that every marketing piece your customer sees looks professional. If you can’t create high-quality ones yourself, contact a professional photographer or graphic designer to create elements that will fit the content and demographic parameters you have chosen.

    4. Create the core content.

    When it is time to add the text to your leaflet printing, remember these four key strategies so your project will look great and capture the attention of your intended audience:

    1 Be concise instead of overly wordy so you can let the visuals create most of the impact.

    2 Include necessary information like the company name, contact information, and links to your website in a prominent location.

    3 Check for appropriate language and tone so your leaflet will reach the right audience with the intended message.

    4 Consider engaging the services of a professional writer to make sure that your core content reflects your marketing goals.

    5. Edit the leaflet’s content and proofread it for mistakes.

    Every time you communicate with your customers, aim for reaching the highest standard of professionalism. And one of the easiest ways to do that with leaflet printing is to check and double-check your project before you send it off to the printer.

    • Check the Content: Otherwise known as editing, making sure that your leaflet printing says what you intended it to say is an important step in positioning your business as an authority with your marketing tools. It is a good idea to have more than one set of eyes review the content of your leaflet to make sure the content is appropriate and appeals to your target audience while also nailing the focus of your campaign goals.
    • Fix Mistakes: Once you are satisfied with the content, consider hiring an editor or a marketing professional to review your leaflet for the small errors that can keep your project from looking good. A misspelled word or misplaced apostrophe may be the only thing a potential customer remembers if it slips by you before you go to print.

    6. Work with a quality printing company.

    The final step in our leaflet printing design guide is to work with a trusted printer that can bring your project to life. Dazzle Printing has worked with businesses and individuals for decades, helping them turn a final draft into a beautifully printed leaflet. Whether you are designing a flyer for your dog-walking business, a mailer to reach a new market for your big business or something in between, an experienced printer like Dazzle Printing is critical to making sure your leaflet will look great and help you meet your marketing goals.


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