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    Great color brochure printing helps you sell your business, your products, and your services. It needs to stand out to capture attention. So, if you are in a frazzle about how to make your color brochure printing dazzle, then here are some tips to help:

    Color Brochure Printing — Start with a Creative Brief

    The creative brief is the foundation of your color brochure printing and it sets the path for what you want to achieve with the brochure. Without it, your brochure may not communicate clearly or effectively. Get out a piece of paper and a pen or sit down at your computer and answer these questions:

    • Clearly define objectives: What is it you want your color brochure printing to accomplish? Is it to sell a product? Is it to raise funds for a foundation? Educate the reader? Objectives are the key to making sure your color brochure printing hits the mark, as well as determining its success.
    • Define the target audience: Who are you communicating to? What are they like? What is their age range? Are they affluent or middle America? When you develop a brochure, you need to think about the audience, not about yourself.
    • Key messages: What are the most important messages your color brochure printing should communicate? What are the benefits of your product or service? Prioritize your messages, because if you have too many you will lose the reader. One way to do this is by asking yourself, if the customer only remembers one message, which one is the most important?
    • Brochure tone: How should the color brochure printing look and sound? Is your audience conservative or liberal? Should it sound formal or conversational? Should it be more muted or full of color? The tone you set for your brochure is part of what defines the copy and design.

    Now that you have the foundation of your color brochure printing set, it is time to start putting it together using the creative brief as your guideline. You should consider hiring a writer and designer to develop your brochure, because the final product will be worth the expense.

    The Cover Makes It or Breaks It in Color Brochure Printing

    The average reader will only spend about 5 seconds to look at the cover of your brochure to decide if they want to read it. You will need a compelling headline and graphic on the cover that piques their curiosity or hits hard on the most important benefit you want to communicate. Consider these two headlines:

    • Train Your Team to Deliver Big Sales!
    • Sales Training for Your Team

    Which headline do you think will lead the customer inside?

    The Inside

    Now that you have the reader inside, the next thing they will most likely do is skim for important information. Thus, the copy and design have to hold their attention. Remember the brochure is about the reader, so you will want to focus on the things that are most important to them. The inside headlines, copy, and graphics need to lead the reader through the brochure in a manner that makes them want to take action.

    • Develop copy that quickly delivers the key messages. Bullet points are a great way to provide rich content about benefits that the reader can review in a matter of minutes.
    • Select photos or graphics that enhance and align with your key messages. While you may want to use photos of your facility, most people don’t care what your building looks like, so don’t make them a focal point of the design.
    • Use fonts that work with the style of the design, but are easy to read.
    • Develop a layout that breaks up copy with headlines, graphics, and white space. A brochure that is loaded with lots of small text will most likely end up in the trash.
    • Use colors that work with the tone of your brochure. If you are an investment adviser, neon red may not be the best color choice.
    • Select a paper for your brochure that works in conjunction with your brochure. For example, if you are a high-end car dealer selling to an affluent customer, you’ll want to use a rich feeling paper and not a paper that you would use in your copier.

    Closing the Deal

    Don’t forget the most important part of your brochure, which is the call to action. Don’t assume people are going to call you or visit your website. You’ll want to be clear about what you want them to do, such as:

    • Call us for a free quote.
    • Use this QR code to sign-up for our newsletter.
    • Visit our website to make your contribution.

    Also, be sure that your phone number, web address, and social media addresses are easy to find.

    Select a Printer That Will Bring Your Color Brochure Printing to Life

    You may have created a masterpiece, but if you don’t have a printer that can produce a high-quality product, you have nothing. You want a printer that can provide:

    • Speedy turnaround within 2 business days after proof approval, with 1 day expedited available.
    • A client service representative that personally checks your order to make sure there are no printing issues.
    • Outstanding digital print quality with numerous paper and binding options.
    • Low prices with great quality.
    • Small orders with as few as 25 copies.

    Dazzle Printing offers all that and more. Our 100% guarantee speaks for itself. If you are not completely satisfied with your printed brochure, we will provide a full refund, no questions asked. Check out our 5-star Google reviews.  Dazzle Printing will make sure that your brochure really does Dazzle!


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