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  • Manufacturing Company Printing — How Can It Jumpstart Marketing?

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    Manufacturing company printing involves everything from in-house training materials to catalogs and specification sheets. Whether you’re creating materials for your customers, employees, distributors, or resellers, custom manufacturing company printing can enhance your business and support your marketing efforts.

    Build Your Brand with Manufacturing Company Printing

    The main reason to use custom printed manufacturing company printing is to establish your brand. Consistent use of colors, logos, and symbols establishes your name. With manufacturing company printing, you can create a complete line of materials that connect consumers to your name.

    Think about the most famous, instantly recognizable brand names out there. They built that familiarity by building brand awareness over many years through the consistent use of logos, colors, and symbols.

    Before you start creating your manufacturing company printing marketing materials, be sure they make a great impression. Spend time developing a logo and choosing corporate colors. If your current symbol and colors are boring, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

    A professional graphic designer can craft a great-looking new logo that’s uniquely yours. Combine that with well-designed packaging, stationery, and marketing materials to create a winning new image.

    Create Integrated Marketing Strategies

    Manufacturing company printing involves a wide variety of materials. These materials work together to help you market your products. Brand awareness and marketing are essential if you want to stand out among your competitors.

    Websites and other digital marketing can be important parts of your marketing outreach, but they’re not enough. Your digital products and printed material should support each other.

    The most successful manufacturing company printing marketing strategies combine digital advertising and websites with printed products that include:

    • Business cards
    • Invoices
    • Shipping labels
    • Mailer boxes
    • Custom tape
    • Product inserts
    • Catalogs
    • Brochures

    Customers Prefer Paper

    Manufacturing company printing includes catalogs, brochures, and other direct mail.

    Although online shopping is everywhere, it’s not the only way people make buying decisions. Studies find that most people prefer printed materials, including brochures and catalogs, to learn about their favorite companies.

    Buyers might make their purchase online, but they often check a catalog first to see what’s available. Direct mail still works, and most companies still send out catalogs and brochures for that simple reason.

    Direct mail can remind potential buyers that you’re still in business and available for orders. It can highlight sales and specials. If you’re a manufacturing company, your customers want to see specifications, measurements, and technical details.

    A manufacturing company printing catalog is a quick, easy-to-use reference they can browse without having to turn on a computer. It’s there when they need it.

    Make it easy for these customers to order from you by offering:

    • An 800 number for ordering
    • Links to your website
    • Pull-outs highlighting specials and discounted products
    • Detailed specifications
    • Shipping information

    Reach Niche Markets with Manufacturing Company Printing

    Are you trying to reach local customers? You probably don’t need an extensive social media campaign. Most advertising for local businesses is still done the old-fashioned way.

    Simply sending leaflets and brochures to local residents is an affordable strategy that works. People want to support their hometown businesses. You can reach them with regular mailers that invite them in for a sale or special event.

    Does your product appeal to a niche, hard-to-reach segment of the industry? You may find it easier to find these buyers through traditional mail. These buyers may not use social media or other digital marketing methods to find the products they need.

    Help Your Distributors with Manufacturing Company Printing

    If your manufacturing company works with retailers and distributors, you can help them learn more about your company.

    Your distributors can’t talk about the benefits of your products unless they have the right information about their quality, manufacturing superiority, pricing, and other features. Make it easy for them by creating:

    • Brochures that highlight your manufacturing capabilities
    • Technical spec sheets for each product
    • How-to instructions for your products
    • Pamphlets that show the specific features of individual products
    • Catalogs that emphasize easy ordering and fast shipping

    When printing for manufacturing companies, design promotional products that are attractive and well-written. Use the principles of good design to make them eye-catching.

    Create a targeted sales package for your retailers, distributors, and dealers. They can use this to promote your products and your company, and they’ll appreciate your help.

    Announce Your Presence

    Show off your pride in your company with outside advertising. Are you tucked away in a commercial strip center? If nobody knows you’re there, get the word out with banners, posters, and yard signs. Let the world know where you are.

    Post your name, special offers, showroom hours, and other information on your banners. You’ll get the word out about your company and enhance awareness of your presence in the community.

    Get Employees on Board with Manufacturing Company Printing

    Your manufacturing company printing should include materials aimed at your workers. They may be aware of what you do since they work there, but are they aware of all the company policies and procedures?

    If you don’t have a standard operating procedure (SOP) training manual, it may be time to develop one. This manual serves as a resource for current employees and helps onboard new hires.

    What should be in your manual? Everything a new or current employee needs to know, including information about:

    • Company history
    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • Pay and bonuses
    • Benefits
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Parking
    • Time off

    Do you have an in-house training program? If you want employees to get up to speed quickly, consider creating training materials that help them learn specific skills. Your in-house manufacturing company printing could include:

    • How-to instructions for specific equipment
    • Safety reminders
    • Training on safe lifting
    • Information about handling hazardous materials
    • Employee name and extension list
    • Safety inspection logs
    • Inventory checklists

    If you’ve never developed in-house materials, it’s not difficult. Free templates can help you design all the materials you need easily, and your printing company can help you select the right paper stock to make your materials look professionally produced.

    Help Your Customers with Manufacturing Company Printing

    There’s nothing worse than buying a product that doesn’t come with clear instructions. If you manufacture items that need assembly or special handling, it’s especially important to include the right printed materials with your products. People won’t have a good experience with your product unless they know how to use it.

    When you package your products, be sure to include the following printed materials:

    • Assembly guide with clear step-by-step instructions and pictures
    • Warning slip advising users about the proper use of the product
    • Warranty
    • Technical information sheet detailing size, technical specs, and information about replacement parts

    Is your packaging memorable? Make it stand out by using distinctive colors and your company logo. Use these images and colors to custom print mailer boxes, shipping labels, wrapping paper, thank-you inserts, and shipping tape.

    Stay in Touch with Custom Corporate Gifts

    Keep your name at the forefront by creating custom printed materials that help you stand out. Manufacturing company printing can help you create gifts and giveaways that remind distributors, retailers, suppliers, and industry colleagues of your name and presence. Here are some popular ways custom printing can help you stay in touch.

    Calendars: These are a great way to remind suppliers and customers of your presence. Everyone needs a calendar. Send them to your most loyal customers and distributors to make sure your company name and number are on their walls every day of the year.

    A lot of companies use calendars, so how can you make yours stand out? Don’t rely on stock images. Choose high-resolution pictures that relate to your industry or your customer’s interests. Create a calendar filled with beautiful images your customers will enjoy hanging on their office walls.

    Notepads:  Notepads are another practical gift your suppliers will appreciate. Print your logo on notepads and notebooks of all sizes to give away as promotional items or corporate gifts.

    Professional Printing Makes the Difference for Manufacturing Company Printing

    To give your custom-printed manufacturing products a professional look, work with an experienced printer. Your printing company can help you with design, paper selection, color choices, and production to help you produce great-looking materials at affordable rates. To learn more, contact Dazzle Printing for a free estimate.


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