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  • Marketing Booklets: 9 Ways to Make Yours Dazzling

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    Marketing booklets, brochures, and catalogs are key elements of your print marketing strategy. These printed items can influence the way people feel about your product or service. They’re also highly influential in helping people make purchasing decisions. Are you ready to take your marketing booklets to the next level? Here’s how to do it.

    1. Understand Why You Need Powerful Marketing Booklets

    You might think of catalogs, booklets, and other direct mail as old-fashioned, but print advertising is going strong.

    A study done by the Pebble Post, a marketing blog, found that consumers were more likely to make purchase decisions if they received newsletters, marketing booklets, catalogs, and other printed materials about the products. They also found that 61% of consumers said they made their buying decision after looking at printed marketing materials.

    Other studies by the U.S. Postal Service have found that direct mail works better than digital advertising at moving consumers to pick up the phone or place an online order.

    Why do these materials work so well? There are several reasons.

    • People want to detach digitally. People still prefer print books to digital ones, and the same is true for printed marketing booklets. Although many people seem attached to their phones and computers, they get tired of the constant, intrusive digital advertising. They also have to endure advertisements when they’re watching TV. When it’s time to shop, marketing booklets are a good way to detach from all the noise.
    • Catalogs and brochures engage buyers emotionally. If you give them well-designed, easy-to-read marketing booklets, your customers will enjoy receiving them. They will keep it around until they have time to read it, and they’ll only do so when they can give it their full attention. That’s the type of focused, attentive customer who is more likely to buy from you.
    • Marketing booklets reach a target audience. A marketing booklet is specifically designed to reach a well-defined audience. While digital advertising and TV ads are aimed at everyone, marketing booklets address the specific needs of your customers.
    • There are many distribution channels for marketing booklets. You can send marketing booklets through the mail, give them away at conventions, place them in a stand, include them in mailers, and hand them out at networking events. You can also create digital versions of your printed marketing booklets.

    2. Start with Great Design

    The best way to capture your booklet reader’s attention is with beautiful design. A great-looking cover is crucial if you want your marketing booklet to catch your reader’s attention. Your cover should have an eye-catching color or image.

    Design is important, so spend time developing a layout and choosing other elements of your booklet.

    The title should catch a reader’s attention. Make sure you communicate clearly what your brochure is advertising. Some marketing booklets can invite readers in with a hint of mystery, but for most of them, it’s best to be straightforward.

    Think about your customers when you make these design decisions. What colors, images, and words appeal to them? Use their favorites to create a targeted booklet they won’t be able to put down.

    3. Focus on the Flow

    When a customer reads a brochure, they are hoping to be informed and engaged with the material. Make sure your booklet uses user-friendly flow to guide the reader from one concept to another.

    There are many ways to do this. Consider using a stepped format that allows readers to find different sections quickly. Use full-color spreads for graphics to keep the reader’s eyes moving across the pages. Add die-cuts to allow them to peek into the next page. There are many creative options. Talk to a graphic design professional who can help you come up with the right one for your project.

    4. Use the Elements of AIDA

    Marketing experts use the acronym AIDA to describe what makes a person decide to act after reading an advertisement for something. It stands for:

    • Attention
    • Interest
    • Desire
    • Action

    To work, your brochure must capture their attention, hold their interest, increase their desire for your product, and move them to action.

    As an example, look at a brochure for a river cruise company. The cover shows a beautiful scene of a riverboat passing through majestic, snow-capped mountains. Intrigued, you open it up to see more of the scene. You’ve just shown attention and interest. When you open it, you start to read about all the places the cruise line goes, and it’s impressive. You would be happy going to any of those places.

    Then, you start to read about the excursions, the boat’s amenities, and the on-board learning experiences. So far, your interest is holding. A room diagram and several full-color photos show people enjoying themselves at wonderful-looking dinners, relaxing in spacious cabins, and enjoying the sights of the Loire Valley or German castles from their riverboat deck.

    If you’re a traveler, you’re about to start packing your bags at this point. That’s desire. You want to do whatever it takes to be on that boat, and then, there it is—the 800 number. Maybe there’s a website address. The next thing you know, your vacation is booked. That’s action.

    AIDA works whether you’re selling automotive parts, home repair services, clothing, tax preparation services, fine jewelry, or pizza delivery. Make the reader want what you’re selling, and make it easy for them to take action.

    5. Use Words and Pictures That Appeal to Your Readers

    The average reader can tell right away if a brochure is of interest to them. Show that you get them by using words and graphics that relate to their needs. If you are selling business-to-business products or services, show that you understand the specific needs of their industry. They should feel that you can help them solve their problems.

    6. Use Good Paper

    Your design and colors will stand out when you use professional printing and high-quality paper. Heavier paper will help your booklets stand up to frequent use and to being tossed around. Gloss, heavy stock, laminates, and foil touches add elegance and show your confidence. Your marketing booklets will stand out when you dress them for success.

    7. Make Them Easy to Read

    Catalogs and brochures must be easy to read. That means using clear, straightforward language that gets right to the point. To enhance readability, use small text blocks and plenty of white space. Don’t clutter every page with tons of pictures. Keep it clean and simple.

    8. Give Customers a Reason to Keep Your Marketing Booklets Around

    There are many creative ways to add value to your marketing booklets.

    Customers who get a river cruise booklet like the one described might hold onto the brochure so they can daydream about their next getaway. Why not make yours one of the brochures they keep around? Include something handy and valuable as part of the booklet’s design.

    If your marketing booklet is aimed at people who cook, include a kitchen conversion chart on one page. Is your marketing booklet about appliance repair? Include a fridge magnet with your name and number. If you’re advertising a restaurant, offer a coupon they can bring in for a free drink or dessert.

    9. Get Them Professionally Printed

    Professional printing is necessary if you want high-quality, attractive marketing booklets. Once you’ve gone through the work of design, layout, image choice, and final editing, you want your booklets to look their best. With professional printing, you can be sure they do.

    When you work with Dazzle Printing, you can count on a knowledgeable, experienced print partner for all your projects. Your booklets and brochures will be expertly printed and look stunning. If you want to take your printed advertising up a notch, contact us.


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