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    Marketing to seniors? Most people have heard the buzz about technology’s role in marketing. In fact, many highly respected marketing professionals have made predictions concerning social media’s potential overtaking of more traditional marketing styles. While the technology marketing hype may have some accuracy, it cannot be assumed that direct mail and other traditional marketing strategies are “fizzling out” completely.

    In fact, many reputable sources indicate that older generations are purchasing almost primarily through direct mail publications and catalogs. Technology may not be “killing” traditional marketing methods, after all. Take a look at the information below to learn more about marketing to seniors.

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    What Older Audiences Want

    It may seem as if everyone on the street is using a smartphone; however, you might be surprised by how few in the older population use smartphones and other forms of popular technology. Recent research indicates that the older generation may actually prefer “doorstep catalogs” and other more traditional forms of marketing over social media marketing.

    Why? To put it simply, very few elderly individuals are spending time on the computer. They are far more likely to notice a catalog in their mailbox than they are going to notice one of the many ads on their computer screen. Baby boomer marketing can take fuller advantage of new media, but direct mail remains effective for a variety of boomers, too.

    The Result of Clutter

    Many older individuals find the “clutter” on their computer screens off-putting, especially since there is so much to look at and very little worth seeing. One well-placed ad in a self-published catalog may have a far greater impact on an older individual than ten flashy ads on a computer screen.

    The Evidence of Marketing to Seniors: Sales

    The concept above is not an unproven theory either. Real research shows that older people are more likely to spend hard earned money on items that appear in the tangible mailbox than elsewhere, giving credence to the use of catalogs in marketing to seniors.

    Therefore, it is no large leap in logic to assume that individuals in the self-publication field will have far greater success with older generations via catalogs than they may have with newer marketing strategies.

    For more information on effective marketing to seniors, check out this article.

    Keep this information in mind in order to improve your marketing to seniors with self-publication and catalogs. You may be surprised by the result. Check our catalog printing page for information on how Dazzle Printing can help with your marketing to seniors.

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