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  • Promotional Posters: 5 Uses for Your Business

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    Promotional posters have so many uses in a business that it is easy to overlook how effective they can be in helping boost your business. Are you looking for ways to use promotional posters for your business? Consider these five uses for promotional posters in your business:

    1. Choose the right location for promotional posters.

    When you put an advertisement in a newspaper or an email or in a website’s banner, your customer can ignore the content of the ad without much effort.

    With business posters, you can arrange to have them displayed on a bus, a blank side of a building, in the middle of a garden – anywhere near a popular thoroughfare. If it adds visual interest to a formerly blank spot, potential customers will have a reason to pause and examine its contents.

    If you’re having a sale on dumbbells, placing promotional posters outside a gym means you’re guaranteed to reach the right audience. Commercials and other advertisements use a scattershot approach – by addressing everyone, they hope to bump into their customers somewhere. Through online poster printing, you can directly target your customer base.

    2. Timing is everything.

    Make sure your business posters appear well before your event or grand opening. Give your audience a chance to see the poster several times, so they can memorize the information without writing it down.

    Promotional posters don’t stay up forever. Your poster can be seasonal, topical, and address a specific event. When your poster is totally in the moment, your customer will realize its immediate relevance to their needs.

    3. Make art out of your business promotional posters.

    Connect with your audience with your poster marketing. Now is the time to express how well you understand what kind of aesthetic appeals to your customers. Before you pick a design, spend some time browsing social media outlets popular with your demographic to get some good ideas.

    Professional printers can produce promotional posters with high-resolution, high-quality digital photographs. Instead of focusing on explaining the technical details behind your product, focus on a concise, visual message. Ideally it should be simple and focused, and use eye-catching, complementary colors.


    4. Give it everything you’ve got.

    Use this opportunity in publishing business posters to re-brand your business. You can make a statement about your style, your point of view, your key demographic. This is the time to make your customer recognize the full force of your product line, and your company’s attitude toward their customers.

    5. State your message in as few words as possible.

    Besides the name of your company or product, make sure any statement you include in your poster marketing is clever, profound, or funny. Your message should focus on how the product will enhance your customer’s life.

    You should use an exciting image, one that makes your customer feel hungry, or empowered, or motivated, or ideally some combination of all of the above. Contact Dazzle Printing today to get started on making promotional posters for your business!

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