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    Real estate professionals know that real estate marketing goes a long way in building your business. But real estate marketing strategies need to be smart and provide a high return on their investment. So we have rounded up the best print marketing tools you can use to elevate your real estate business. These useful and beautiful real estate print products are just what you need for real estate marketing to help you grow your business and your personal brand.

    The Real Value of Real Estate Marketing

    Setting yourself apart from others in the real estate profession can be challenging. But when buyers and sellers see your high-quality real estate marketing tools tailored to support your business, their sale or their property search, your attention to detail and commitment to helping them will be clear.

    Crisp, bright brochures marketing a property lets the seller know you are working hard for them while buyers can appreciate seeing a well-designed and high-quality brochure detailing a property, a community, or your business can help them learn what they need to know so you can close the deal.

    Cleverly designed real estate marketing printing projects like brochures, guidebooks, postcards, and even books can be the perfect real estate marketing tool for a real estate professional who wants to make a statement to potential customers and clients alike.

    1. Books or Booklets

    One of the less obvious printing projects real estate professionals can utilize for real estate marketing of their business is a book or a booklet. A soft-sided, saddle stitch book can be put together for a variety of reasons, but the end result is a powerful, beautiful real estate marketing tool that will impress clients.

    Books can be created to present evergreen content about your brand or your team and potential clients will be impressed with a professionally-bound tool that provides them with all the information that they need to make their decisions about doing business with you. Another way to use a book or even a shorter booklet is to develop content to present to potential clients everything that they need to know about the area your business services.

    These real estate marketing materials help sell your town’s best features while providing key information about schools, services, shopping and fun features that show off your hometown’s charm. Combining your town’s key information with a spotlight on your real estate business is a great way to keep your company’s name visible to clients since a hometown book will be a resource for years to come.

    Books and shorter booklets can also be developed quickly with gorgeous photographs and property details to help show off a stunning property. Investing in a beautifully designed book can add just the right touch to high-end property marketing strategies. Using heavier paper for the cover or adding a glossy finish can bring even more credibility to your firm with the use of this type of marketing book for a property expected to command top dollar.

    • Top Tips: Use a simple layout for books and booklets to allow the photographs and graphics to be the star of the show. Use no more than 2-3 fonts throughout the whole book to let the information and photos stand out. Make the front cover pop with a high-quality photograph and use the back cover to market your real estate business prominently. Give your book a clear title and description of the book’s contents so readers will want to flip it open for more information.

    2. Brochures

    Real estate printing usually should include brochures. These multi-fold beauties are printed on heavier paper to feel sturdy to the touch and provide a large amount of printing space perfect for real estate marketing tools that require more space for information than a single sheet or a postcard can provide.

    And brochures are a popular real estate marketing tool because they hold up to repeated use as they are typically constructed with coated paper to make them more durable. These hard-working real estate print products also encourage users to interact with the page by flipping open the sides of the brochure. They can be configured in a variety of ways to present any kind of information: half and tri-folds, z-folds, double parallel folds, and right-angle half or tri-folds.

    Realtors can use this multi-page tool to advertise properties very effectively by carefully mixing beautiful, full-color photographs with key property details to inform and entice potential buyers. Don’t forget to use every surface to make the most of the brochure’s appearance but when using a multi-fold style, be sure to print your content so that it will always be facing the reader to present your business and the property you are advertising in the best possible way.

    • Top Tip: Slick brochures look the best so use a high-gloss finish on heavy paper to make yours stand out. Strategically place your business or brand information on the brochure so that users can easily see whom to contact without having to search too hard.

    3. Greeting Cards

    Relationship building is a critical part of a successful real estate career. A personal way to stay connected to clients is through the use of custom greeting cards. Between birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, real estate printing that includes greeting cards can help you increase the connections you build with clients and customers.

    A thoughtful note penned in a birthday card will be appreciated by customers while allowing you to stay in touch through the years so you can retain that client when the time comes for them to use another real estate professional. Creating a special “closing anniversary” greeting card is a fun way to remind clients how you helped them find the property of their dreams and holiday cards give you and your business the chance to reflect on the season or even present your humorous side with quirky or silly holiday photo on the card.

    Not only can you add a personal note to every client or potential customer inside their card but highlighting your business is easy to do with a customized greeting card.

    Consider using an artistic rendition of your office as the front face of your card, adding a balloon, a token associated with anniversaries or a holiday trinket to the sketch to different versions of the card while keeping the overall look familiar to those who receive them.

    • Top Tip: Create multiple versions of the card to keep on hand so you will be ready to send them out to potential customers as well as past clients. Consider creating a matching envelope design to use to complete the professional appearance of the greeting cards.

    4. Guidebooks

    Creating a seller’s guide is a fantastic way to strategically position multiple properties that are listed with one business or real estate group into one convenient book. Guidebooks can be organized in such a way that readers can easily search for properties with a table of contents or an index at the back of the book.

    Slick, glossy covers help these perfect bound books look professionally made and are sure to be a useful addition to your real estate marketing tools. The space in a seller’s guide often affords creators to include photos of listing agents with each property, making each more personal and accessible for sellers seeking a new home or acreage to purchase.

    Guidebooks are a great way to save money in your real estate marketing budget by combining multiple listings from your whole office or selling team into one publication.

    And they also provide a great opportunity to include features on your team members, to spotlight appealing areas around town with beautiful photos or to include helpful tools for buyers like pricing calculators to encourage sales.

    • Top Tip: Consider including a variety of ways to list properties in the guide: a grid of all listings grouped by area or listing agent or property type, a multi-listing page, single-page listings with one or more photographs and multi-page spreads for luxury properties.

    5. Postcards

    Postcards are indispensable real estate print products that can be used by agents and brokers for a variety of reasons. They are perfect to announce an upcoming listing, tout sales in a neighborhood or alert neighbors and potential buyers of an open house. Inexpensive to make in bulk and low cost to send, postcards are the ideal addition to every agent’s marketing toolbox.

    • Top Tip: Consider using various sizes to differentiate the uses for postcards to keep the templates used for them organized easily. Upgrade to gloss or laminate finish on one side to add visual interest while increasing durability and include a standardized company blurb on the address side on every postcard so recipients will become familiar with where to find your company’s information.

    Partnering with Dazzle Printing

    Whether you are deciding between integrating a seller’s guide or custom greeting cards into your real estate marketing plan or you want to use every real estate printing option available, partnering with Dazzle Printing is the right move for your real estate business.

    Experts in the printing industry, Dazzle Printing can help you transform your real estate business by printing quality real estate marketing materials that will wow your clients and potential customers without busting your marketing budget.


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