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  • Newsletter Publishing: Tips to Improve the Effectiveness

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    Creating and managing an effective marketing plan for a business means utilizing multiple channels to reach customers and potential customers. Modern marketing tools combine the best of digital and print strategies to put your brand front and center and introduce your products or services to the right consumer or business.

    One of the popular analog marketing strategies is newsletter publishing because it can land directly in your target audience’s mailbox without worrying about spam filtering with digital marketing efforts. Newsletters are an excellent way to present consistent information to your community and customers but making them efficient and enjoyable will ensure that your print newsletter will become a valuable marketing tool.

    Let’s look at ways to make newsletter publishing look great and grow your business.

    Send Newsletters on a Schedule

    Newsletter publishing provides an excellent opportunity to regularly put your business’s name in front of customers. When you are developing a marketing plan that includes a newsletter, one of the best ways to make it an effective tool is to schedule regular newsletter publishing.

    Creating a newsletter schedule can make your business more effective, whether monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or seasonally. First, when customers know when it will be arriving, they will begin to seek it out as they determine its value and contribution to their business and knowledge base.

    Customers will begin to anticipate the newsletter’s arrival, helping to keep your brand on their minds more than before the newsletter publishing began – which means that the newsletter is already become a successful marketing tool simply by raising awareness and encouraging customers to think about your brand more often.

    Another benefit of sending newsletters on a schedule is that you can use the plan to build anticipation and excitement around future events, sales, product rollouts, or other activities. If newsletters arrive irregularly, new or potential customers may miss out on learning about significant events like sales or promotions, likely resulting in lost business or reduced sales.

    Instead, scheduling newsletter publishing ahead of time allows your marketing department to plan when information should be provided in the newsletter to give customers ample time to learn about the promotions or other events that are coming up.

    Create Value in Newsletter Publishing

    A newsletter provides an excellent platform to become the go-to expert in your community. Since newsletter publishing offers the opportunity to organize content in just about any format, including valuable information is simple with a customizable newsletter template.

    1 Demonstrate Expertise: Include articles, guest columns, informational how-tos, and other content to establish your business’s deep understanding of the industry while providing a helpful service at the same time. Consider using a Question & Answer section to discuss questions unique or special within your industry or a FAQ section to address customer concerns.

    Newsletter publishing is very flexible so varying the size and scope of the content you include keeps readers interested while giving you the option to switch up the substance to match seasonal needs or changes in the industry, your business, or new products.

    2 Send Promotional Offers: Another way to make your newsletter publishing valuable is to use it to distribute promotional offers to your recipients. Including these offers inside of your content each printing cycle builds excitement and anticipation for your marketing material and encourages recipients to read each one.

    • Tie promotions to recipient birthdays or corporate relationship anniversaries to personalize the promotions you include. This provides a beneficial discount or other promotion a business can use and shows that a customer is important to your business.
      Using social media to connect with customers to discover things like birthdays or “company birthdays” is a great way to extend your business’s marketing reach and continue to add value with newsletter publishing.
    • For your repeat or referral customers, include a special promotional code or discount as a thank you. Advertise this potential discount in each newsletter publishing to build awareness around this practice.
    • Include early access to seasonal sales or other promotions in the newsletter. Note this perk in marketing materials to encourage other businesses to request a newsletter subscription to grow your marketing list and boost sales.

    Use Customer Testimonials with Newsletter Publishing

    Securing meaningful content for newsletter publishing can be challenging, so you should consider including customer testimonials. Hearing about another company’s or customer’s experiences can be a strong influencer so ask new, repeat, or long-time customers to provide their testimonials to be printed.

    Not only will your business benefit from this authentic endorsement, but this type of meaningful newsletter content will also spotlight your customer base and serve as a thank you at the same time. Testimonials can be:

    • Featured in every printing as ongoing content
    • Included to spotlight specific customers or clients
    • Tied to seasonal or other promotional events
    • Used in connection with new product or service rollouts

    Use Newsletter Publishing as a Hub to Connect Digital Marketing

    An excellent marketing strategy will connect all outreach in some way so use your newsletter to link together digital and print marketing. Use a prominent spot to place digital links in each newsletter publishing so recipients can easily access the information and will always know where to look to find it.

    Many businesses find that using a QR code embedded with direct links and providing complete website and social media links is a good way to ensure that anyone can quickly and easily find and access what they need. QR codes or links to special promotions can also be used as well as links to sign up to receive the newsletter or other communications are excellent tools to include in every published newsletter.

    Hot Tip: Be sure to provide a link on your company website to the complete newsletter. Website visitors can see the latest newsletter online, and you can allow them to opt-in to receive future newsletters and build your marketing database simultaneously.

    Those who already receive the newsletter might use the online version to quickly access the information they previously read when they have a question, want to see the promotional materials again, or want to refer back to something in the newsletter.

    This online version also allows businesses to swap printed social media addresses for live links that can be easily clicked by online readers.

    Make Contacting You Easy

    Reserve the same front or back cover space in your newsletter for all company contact information. Repeat readers will recognize where the information is located easily, so they can contact your business quickly while new recipients will notice it right away as well.

    Utilizing a highly visible location ensures that even if the printed newsletter isn’t opened or read immediately, branding will also be seen alongside the contact information. Contact information to include in every newsletter:

    • Business name and brand logo
    • Complete physical address
    • Phone numbers for sales and customer service
    • Company website
    • A key employee (CEO, President ,or Sales executive) when appropriate

    Use a Reliable Printer

    When your company is sending marketing materials directly to the customer, potential clients, or even your community, they must look fantastic to represent your brand well.

    So working with a trusted, proven printing company like Dazzle Printing can help you put your best foot forward with a beautifully printed newsletter used as an integral part of a marketing campaign. With decades of experience, Dazzle Printing works with businesses to develop and print all kinds of marketing materials.


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