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  • What Is the Best Binding Style for Your Print Project?

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    When you first decide that you are going to print a book, magazine, catalog, or booklet, you have probably recognized that you need to select the best binding style for your project. After all, it is not always an option to just use a conventional hole puncher, paper clip, or stapler to bind your copy. Knowing about the different options that are available to you can help you make a better, more informed decision on the best binding style. On top of this, different binding styles will have a different effect on the look of your final product.

    Perfect Binding

    Perfect binding is one of the most common forms of binding and is generally used for softcover and paperback books. It involves attaching sections of the book and cover together with a hot-melt adhesive. This is suitable for documents of up to 500 pages and will create a long-lasting product.

    Wire-o Binding

    To wire-o bind a book, C-shaped wire loops are crimped closed over holes in your document or book. This is very versatile, accommodating different types of paper of up to 250 pages. This is a perfect option for those looking to bind reports, training books, or in-house how-to guides.

    Saddle Stitching

    Saddles stitching is used for lower page counts, generally documents that are around 8 to 80 pages. Moreover, it is generally not as durable and therefore more suitable for catalogs or magazines. However, this is a very cost-effective binding method where sheets of paper are folded and stapled together in the center.

    plastic coil binding

    Plastic Coil Binding

    Plastic coil involves using a plastic spiral that is inserted into holes that are punched in the document. The benefit to this type of binding is that pages are able to lie flat, and in most cases, additional pages can be added or removed easily. One thing to note is that the pages cannot be flipped 360 degrees, meaning that the previous pages will have to bend behind the page that is currently being looked at.

    Get Help with the Best Binding Style at Dazzle Printing

    If you are still undecided and confused on which is the best binding style for your project, consulting an expert may be your best option. Our experts here at Dazzle Printing are able to leverage our decades of experience to provide you with the best products possible, including the best binding style. On top of this, we are also able to provide a free samples package so that you can touch, feel, and interact with our different products before committing to an option.

    For more information on our binding options, printing services, or any other product types, contact us today. Be sure to check out our numerous 5-star Google reviews!


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