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  • Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

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    Self-publication is not limited to short stories, novels, and magazines. In fact, one of the most solid areas of self-publication is located within the marketing genre. More specifically, direct mail marketing is one of the most effective and increasingly popular advertising and marketing methods taking place in the 21st century. How is this possible with the advent of the “cyber world,” i.e. the internet?

    (Check out this article by Forbes on why printing catalogs are still around.) Can catalogs that show up in your mailbox really be as effective as emails, social media, and online ads? The answer is a resounding “yes,” and here is why.

    Direct Mail Marketing Caters to All Ages

    Individuals who fall toward the far end of the age spectrum are often left out of the marketing craze because more and more businesses are aiming marketing strategies toward computer-based methodologies. Not as many older users are using Facebook as you would think, and this means that elderly people are not receiving the information they need to via cyber means. Our conclusion? Direct mail advertising is just as relevant and strong as ever — and it still gets the attention of buyers.

    Direct Mail Marketing Is Reliable

    Well-off individuals, especially males, may not be checking their social media feeds as often as many people would assume. In fact, research indicates that prosperous individuals are most successfully reached with marketing strategies by way of direct mail. They have money to spend and they are ready to spend it; it’s time to make sure that product-packed catalogs reach their doorsteps in a timely, frequent fashion.

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    Direct Mail Appeals Are More Attractive

    The online world is full of ads that boast “buy one get one” deals and free shipping. However, studies indicate that people are more inclined to respond to catalog appeals than they are to online deals. Why?

    Perhaps the reason can be linked to the overabundance of flashy claims on the internet. After a while, people start to filter out the ads and deals being advertised across the screen and focus on what they are looking for. Direct mail catalogs, however, use ads in a very effective and well-spaced manner so that individuals cannot overlook important clearance information.

    Keep the information above in mind as you plan out your next self-published direct mail marketing endeavor. You may be surprised by how helpful and effective direct mail advertising is when done correctly.

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