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conference printing

Conference Printing: Extend the Event’s Success

When planning to host or attend a conference, convention or trade show, creating and printing the materials you will need for the event to be successful is a big part of the preparation process. And while some of the information … Continue reading »

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look book

Look Book vs. Fashion Catalog: Make the Perfect Choice

Slick, full-color books, booklets or magazines that feature beautiful photographs showcasing products, clothing or designers called look books and fashion catalogs are staples in the fashion industry as well as many other product-oriented businesses. Businesses or designers use look books … Continue reading »

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school printing

8 Fun School Printing Projects

Looking for fun school printing projects? As a teacher, you deal with lots of printed papers. Why not create your own to make your teaching easier and more enjoyable? In this list, we’ve combined school printing projects you can do … Continue reading »

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flatten PDF files

How to Flatten PDF Files for Great Printing Results

Wondering why you need to flatten PDF files? Authors who go the self-publishing route quickly learn the critical role that PDF files play in the printing process. A final manuscript must be submitted as a PDF file for the printer … Continue reading »

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promotional calendars

Promotional Calendars: Unusual Ways to Use Calendars

Businesses are always seeking new and authentic ways to promote themselves, and everything from social media to printed products is utilized to connect with clients, potential customers, or the community. Promotional products are a smart way to put your business … Continue reading »

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business magazine

Business Magazine: 7 Tips for Creating a Dazzling One

When you think of magazines, you might picture the latest issue of a fashion or celebrity periodical next to the grocery store checkout lines. But the truth is that there are many different types of magazines, one for every imaginable … Continue reading »

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health care printing

Health Care Printing to Enhance Patients’ Trust

Who needs health care printing? Health care providers are in the business of treating people, but they also provide education and information. Whether you work in a small, two-person family practice or a major hospital system, you need health care … Continue reading »

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qr codes

QR Codes: Enhance Your Printed Materials

If you’ve looked at a magazine ad lately, you may have seen QR codes in one corner that invite you to snap the code with your smartphone to get more information. QR codes have become one of the hottest trends … Continue reading »

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printing a journal

Printing a Journal: Tips for Printing a Dazzling Journal

Journals are very popular, and printing a journal is an enjoyable activity that engages your creative and practical sides. Journals are versatile booklets that can be used for writing, scheduling, sketching, drawing, painting, or taking notes. If you want to … Continue reading »

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artwork mistakes

Artwork Mistakes: 7 Common Ones to Avoid

Are you making artwork mistakes that doom your printing project from the start? Making them could result in printed images that are blurry, faded, or otherwise unusable. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid that sad outcome by watching out for these … Continue reading »

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