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    One of the things businesses often do to stay connected with their customers and clients is to gift them something branded. But water bottles, koozies, and other trinkets often end up stashed (or worse, trashed) and the business’s efforts are wasted.

    The purpose of such gifts is to keep the company name, brand, and services or products visible as well as be something the customer will enjoy using. Finding that sweet spot is hard since coming up with something to give clients that is not too expensive, will be useful, and will provide adequate branding opportunities for a company can be challenging.

    A great option is to use calendar printing promotion for your business, because calendars are usable by everyone and are perfectly suited as corporate gifts.

    Calendar Printing Promotion: Everyone Uses Calendars

    Finding a promotional item that everyone will use is challenging. But almost everyone uses calendars in some form or fashion daily. A business calendar printing promotion can be given to customers, clients, or the community and will likely be welcomed for its non-digital format.

    While many people rely on an electronic calendar in some fashion, like on a smartphone or laptop, it is no substitute for having a physical calendar to look at. Having a tangible calendar to refer to, display, or keep in a convenient location will be appreciated, because it is quick to use and easy to access at any time.

    Calendars can be manufactured with a hole punch so they are convenient to hang up, making them ideal for displaying on common wall space in a business or in the corporate breakroom for everyday reference.

    Since calendars made with Plastic Coil binding or Wire-O binding can also lay flat, they are easy to write on and are very practical for keeping track of any sort of time or date information.

    Calendar Printing Promotion Provides Subtle Reminders

    Nothing screams a company freebie more than something sporting a huge logo or an item in a bright color. While most people love something they will use that costs them very little, company handouts often are crafted in bold, memorable colors and with large branding that a consumer otherwise may not choose to purchase.

    Subtlety, in other words, is not a common trait that corporate gifts are known for. But calendars, on the other hand, can be made utilizing complementary colors, beautiful photos, and fun graphics without using garish color schemes or over-the-top branding. They can be crafted to look stylish so users will love displaying them, while also still functioning as a business calendar printing promotion for your company.

    But just because they can be created to look good doesn’t mean they won’t be beneficial for your business. Calendars are ideal for providing subtle business reminders to users in a variety of ways.

    Business Name and Branding: The easiest component of using a calendar printing promotion for your business is to use the company name and branding throughout the book. The front and back covers should prominently display the company branding or logo, but each month’s page or section provides a fresh opportunity to keep the company information in front of the user’s eyes.

    Instead of simply utilizing the logo or company name on the display, non-calendar area, consider including the brand or logo on something in a more subtle manner. Try including an employee photo and asking each person to wear a shirt or jacket emblazoned with your company’s brand or using a picture that includes a branded product in use in the background.

    Contact Information: Calendar users should easily be able to contact the company. Printing the company’s contact information on the back cover is a great place for users to quickly access phone numbers, emails, and corporate addresses.

    But you might also consider creating a header or footer on calendar pages that includes a quick resource that will be visible at all times like the main phone number or contact email for general use.

    Key Company Dates: The great part about calendars is they offer a built-in location to remind customers about business events or regularly scheduled activities. Companies that hold annual sales or host corporate events can place those into the calendar printing promotion so customers or clients can see the events and plan to take part.

    Some companies might use the calendar to remind clients of critical dates or time frames as well, reducing the number of necessary outreach about those deadlines over time. Calendars also give businesses a way to advertise those critical, fun, or meaningful events through visuals included on each page like the inclusion of action shots taken at a previous year’s event.

    Product Information: Another way that a calendar printing promotion can help your business is to use blank spaces to introduce or present products or provide deeper details about services offered to customers.

    Product information can be sprinkled throughout the calendar or the book can utilize themes or another organized fashion to present the information to the user without overwhelming the calendar’s design and feel. Spotlighting one product each month that coincides with a season, selling timeframe or yearly needs of your customers is a great way to keep your customers thinking about your product or service as well as their needs.

    Calendar Printing Promotion Makes Great Gifts

    Developing a corporate gift year after year is hard for just about every type of business. Coming up with a gift that doesn’t break the budget is always important, so printing companies like Dazzle Printing make it easy for you to estimate how much yours would cost so you can make sure it fits into the budget.

    But gift-giving is always going to be something your business will want to budget for in most cases. Gifts can play the dual roles of providing something meaningful for clients or customers along with being a calendar printing promotion that provides a year’s worth of marketing in one place.

    Year End Gifts: At the end of the calendar or fiscal year, many businesses send gifts to their clients, customers ,or the community. A business calendar promotion can be an ideal way to both give a meaningful, useful gift but also leave something with your clients or customers that helps them remember you and your business.

    These are commonly utilized by real estate agents and brokers and other businesses that are not accessed regularly by clients, but name recognition is critical when someone seeks out a service provider in the industry. A calendar is a great way for a professional in any industry that needs to keep their name visible to potential clients. The marketing potential a calendar provides over the course of a whole year is something that not many other promotional materials can do.

    Thank You’s: Handed out whenever the need arises, thank you gifts are often kept on hand by businesses to give to potential or current clients, customers, or members of the community.

    Calendars are a good way to increase corporate name recognition as well as provide meaningful information about a company’s products or services within the context of a useful gift.

    Making a Calendar Printing Promotion for Your Business

    If you are ready to create a calendar printing promotion project, a few simple steps can take you from concept to finished product so you will have a beautiful calendar on hand ready to gift or give when the need arises.

    1 Decide on the theme or overall look of your calendar printing promotion. This will help to determine what types of pictures, graphics, and information will be included in the calendar.

    2 Gather photos to be used. Crisp, high-resolution photos look best on promotional calendars, but action shots can also work as well in some cases.

    Photos should be at least 300 dpi to ensure that pictures will not appear pixelated when printed or enlarged. Check to see if you can use pictures your business has already created for other marketing or sales purposes to save time and money.

    3 Secure graphic design assistance if needed. Free calendar templates can help your book look fantastic and so can using a professional design expert to help the cover of your calendar printing promotion show off your company’s brand and image.

    4 Decide what key dates or information to include before finalizing your calendar and placing an order.

    Use Calendar Printing Promotion with a Reliable Printer

    Whether your calendar printing promotion is for a select set of clients or to be given out as a year-end gift to the whole community, working with a trusted digital printer will ensure that your calendar looks great and represents your company and brand well.

    Dazzle Printing has been helping businesses develop promotional materials like business calendars for years and is ready to help you get started making yours right now. Be sure to check out all of the options offered on your instant online printing calculators. We offer four binding styles, numerous paper options, low prices, fast turnaround, outstanding customer service, free UPS ground shipping on orders over $399, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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